IT has been said a few times in the last couple of days that referees need to be braver and I would go along with that.

I have nothing against a team being physical because sometimes, if you are playing against better players, the only way you can stop them is by getting in about them.

I am not talking about going over the top, though, and there is a line that you can’t cross when you are employing a more physical approach against a side.

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That is fine a manager using that tactic, but you need a strong referee to decide whether it is just a bad challenge or if it is cynical and dangerous.

Motherwell know their capabilities and know their best chance of getting a result against Rangers is by being competitive and battling for everything.

Rangers have got to deal with that, they have to handle the physical side of the game. Maybe in some games they are not physical enough themselves and don’t have the players to do that.

But referees have got to be stronger and braver and they have got to get more help from their assistants because they can’t see everything that goes on all around the pitch.

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We keep hearing that the linesmen aren’t just there to put the flag up for throw-ins and offsides, but that they get involved. Well, give the referees more help.

There is a lot of physicality in our game these days and a lot of bad tackles going in, so referees need to be decisive and take action when it is merited.

I accept that sometimes teams will be more physical against better sides, but when they go over the top and they cross that line then they need to be punished.