FOR years, Glasgow group Endor were one of the city's best kept musical secrets.

Now two of the band have started afresh with new outfit Fake Major – and are using Drew Barrymore as an inspiration.

"We write a lot more as a duo than in Endor," explains singer David McGinty, one half of the group along with Richard Ferguson.

"I sometimes joke that we're like that Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore movie, Music & Lyrics, as he's the music and 
I'm the lyrics.

"It's like we're working on each song together, though, rather than it belonging entirely to one of us, which is new, as with Endor I could tell you what songs were his and what were mine straight away."

David and Richard will headline King Tut's next Monday as part of the venue's Summer Nights jamboree, which sees three or four local acts onstage each night.

Yet it's a famous duo from further afield that Fake Major are seeking to emulate the most.

"We want that Simon and Garfunkel thing, where it's all about the voices," explains David.

"All the songs will show the voices, and can be played with just a piano or guitar if need be – I'd like to think that if people expected a full band and just got the two us that they wouldn't be disappointed."

The group is currently playing gigs as both a duo and as an expanded quintet, a line-up they debuted at their recent T in The Park slot.

The heart of the band, though, remains making pop tunes that are heavy on the harmonies, with some sublime soaring choruses to boot.

It's not a galaxy far, far away from the music they were making in Endor, but David believes it was the right time to make a change.

"Richard likes to make out 
we had a catastrophic break-up, but that never happened," says David.

"Our guitar player Mark [Church] said he was going off around the world, so we all thought about a break anyway.

"We'd been thinking about a second Endor record, but Richard and I always write the songs, and we thought it'd be more exciting to try something completely different.

"It was tough, as there were a lot of people who had been really kind to us in Endor, so we waited until the Fake Major EP was ready and the single was ready too, because whenever bands that I love split up, I want to know straight away what they are doing."

That EP, Have Plenty of Fun, displays the duo's way with melodies, but has also given the group a problem as the songs feature a variety of instruments and are obviously hard to reproduce live with just two people.

That's prompted some clever reworkings to take place, although for the Tut's gig they'll be playing as a fivesome, aided by pals from other bands.

I think the fact we can be either acoustic singers or a really noisy five-piece is a good thing," says David.

"It means we're not playing the same sort of bills with the same bands all the time. Even when we play as a five-piece it's not the same as the EP."

If the group's gigs offer a more raw approach, the boys are also finding a whole host of new acts on the Scottish scene too, after a few years being wrapped up with Endor.

"When you're in a band there's a tendency to just go and see your friends a lot, but having gone from being established to being in a new group, there's a whole load of bands you see who you weren't aware of," he says.

"We met Hector Bizerk, the Scottish rap act, at T and 
we'll go down to the 
Wickerman festival a day early to try and see them, as they sounded so cool.

"Glasgow's music seems pretty strong to me, although I don't know if we're really inside the local scene now, we're maybe on the outside a bit."

That isn't stopping the duo from pushing ahead with plans for another EP, though, even if David is slightly struggling to keep with his friend's ideas.

"It's important as a new band that you're able to give people a new tune quickly, and we're working on another one right now," he says.

"We're keen to keep putting stuff out this year. Richard writes all the time, coming up with new music ideas.

"We've got two of the next four songs done, and I'm starting to write based around the parts that we've got, while Richard is all 'now, for the next EP it could be inspired by techno', although we'll maybe work on that down the line."

l Fake Major, King Tut's, 
Monday, £6, 8.30pm