HIS Hallowe'en Glasgow gigs are becoming a fright night tradition - just don't mention horror films to Tyler Hilton.

The American troubadour is best known in the UK for his spell acting on teen drama One Tree Hill, but he's also a successful musician.

His Oran Mor show tomorrow marks the second year running he has headlined Glasgow on Hallowe'en and, while there might be costumes on show, there won't be any scary surprises.

"I hate horror movies because I get too scared, I'm such a bad horror movie watcher," he says, laughing.

"I love the classics where the fear is there but it's not too gory, like the Shining or some of Hitchcock's old films.

"I can't handle some of the newer films though - someone dragged me to see one of the Saw films and I thought this is not for me at all…

"I did a Hallowe'en show last year in Glasgow and it's the same date this year, so it might have to become a tradition. There might be costumes onstage this time, but I don't want to give anything away."

Tyler's career has had a few nightmares, thanks to a lengthy battle with his old record label.

Its bosses had tried to cash in on his One Tree fame, where he played arrogant Chris Keller, but wanted him to change his music.

Less than impressed, he stuck to his own path, and released Forget The Storm, a rock 'n' roll record, last year. After this tour is finished, he will be heading back to the USA to work on a new album, based out of Nashville, Tennessee.

"I want to do more of a country record, as I have always written Americana and folky songs that didn't go on the record," he says.

"The last album was more rock 'n' roll, so for this one I want to let some of those other songs come out.

"It's more roots based, I love instruments such as mandolin and banjo, so it's more that sort of thing than twangy guitars."

Basing himself in Nashville, where he is working with producers who have previously helmed records by the likes of Taylor Swift and Keith Urban, has also been a huge boost to the 29-year-old's mindset.

"Nashville is inspiring," he says.

"There's something about travelling on the road that means when you are finished, you want the country and solitude. Nashville's really good for that, you can get quiet and introspective and that helps my writing."

He might even be able to call on a few famous friends for help, too.

In 2007 he popped up in the video for Taylor Swift's single Teardrops On My Guitar, and has performed live with the songstress.

COUNTRY stars Lady Antebellum are friends too. "It's been amazing to see people like that have this success," he says.

"They have always offered to do something on the album, it's just a question of having the time. They have been really sweet about it, so it's just whether we can get them."

Tyler's also been able to pick up a few tips on the set of his latest film, a cosy Christmas romance for American television.

One of his co-stars in it is American country great Randy Travis, who has been a source of advice.

"It's a cool movie set in Louisiana that's called Christmas On The Bayou," explains Tyler.

"I did it with a friend from One Tree Hill called Hilary Burton and Randy Travis is in it as well - I'm a huge fan.

"It is a really cute concept. I hadn't done anything like it before and I got to sing in it too.

"I got a chance to speak to Randy - I always feel like the only musician on set and it's like I'm a guest on set, a part-time actor, and it was nice having someone else on set so we could talk shop."

One person Tyler would like to chat to is Jake Bugg, after becoming a huge fan of the singer.

By chance Bugg's in Glasgow tomorrow as well, at the O2 Academy, and Tyler's already plotting to find a way to catch some of the Mancunian singer's gig too.

"I think he's great," explains Tyler. "When I was on the road in Texas he was there the same night, and I ended up racing to his show, seeing about four songs and then racing back to get onstage at my own show.

"I saw he was in Glasgow the same night as me so I might have to try that again."

And Tyler's loving his recent jaunt to Europe.

"Last year I really just wanted an excuse to travel around Europe for fun, and get a bit of work done while I was here," he recalls.

"It worked out great - the response was better than I expected. This is something I've been wanting to do for years and I'm excited it has worked."

n Tyler Hilton, Oran Mor, tomorrow, £15, 7pm