Four stars

I'm a bit apprehensive as I enter the Hydro for Bryan Adams' show tonight, I never find the sight of an all-seated arena for a rock show comforting.

However, looking at the audience, it appears Adams knows his fans well, with many delighted at having the option to take the weight off their feet during his two hour show.

After projecting a mildly terrifying portrait of himself complete with moving eyes and random facial expressions on stage, the Canadian rocker appears to rapturous applause.

Opening with Reckless, Adams launches into a hit-filled set that's a match for any of the old rock masters.

The show, part of Adams' first tour since 2011, celebrates the 30th anniversary of his 1984 album Reckless, seamlessly mixing the record's rock gems and classics with his other well known stadium anthems.

One Night Love Affair gets the crowd on their feet, while Run to You is met with jubilant screams from excited fans.

Adams knows how to work the crowd, telling fans "you look great tonight" before introducing writing partner Jimmy Vallance.

Highlights include She's Only Happy When She's Dancing, sing-alongs for Heaven, Cuts Like a Knife and Somebody, an energetic performance of The Kids Wanna Rock and a note perfect rendition of his duet with Tina Turner, It's Only Love.

"They've really done a number on the SECC, I hardly recognise the place", the rocker jokes with fans before launching into Long Gone.

The decision to play Summer of 69 and (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, two of his biggest hits, halfway through his set's a brave one, I've been to more than a few shows where hearing the most popular tracks is the equivalent of last orders and a cue to leave, but with a back catalogue like Adams' there's no fear of fans going anywhere.

Telling the audience he's looking for a wild woman who can dance before playing If You Wanna Be Bad, You Gotta Be Good also helps.

Can't Stop This Thing We Started, When You're Gone, Cloud Number Nine and The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me is You are lapped up by the crowd before the encore kicks off with You've Been a Friend To Me.

Adams and his band give a fantastic performance, full of enthusiasm, excitement, showmanship, solos, guitar tricks and humour.

However, the show lacks the atmosphere you'd expect at a rock gig. Adams songs, with the exception of his ballads, are designed to make you want to get up and dance but the jumping, pogoing and fancy footwork that they deserve is frequently missing due to a combination of the show's seated nature and the decision to play many of his hits acoustical.

The seating problem's one Adams seems all too aware of as he invites the crowd down to the stage during his encore of C'mon Everybody. She Knows Me and Straight From The Heart quickly follow before All for Love brings an end to proceedings.

He's put on a great show, one that fans will not forget anytime soon, but next time please crank up the amps and don't put out so many chairs.