Verdict: five stars

For being rock royalty, Noël Gallagher certainly carries no airs and graces.

Appearing on stage in an understated manner with his High Flying Birds Mike Rowe, Jeremy Stacey, Russell Pritchard and Tim Smith, at the SSE Hydro on Saturday night, the songwriter presence was only realised by the sheer response of the crowd.

For once the Glasgow venue reached its potential with an atmosphere that sounded more like a football stadium.

That atmosphere could only be achieved because it was clear if God was a rocker, then he is Noël Gallagher with thousands of music fans worshipping at his alter and preaching his lyrics back at him.

Noël began his sermon bashing out fan favourites Everybody's On The Run and Oasis' track Fade Away.

The star then admitted his God like quality saying he felt like Father Christmas after attending his 'record store' signing in Glasgow before the crowd responded with football-like chants.

Lead track from new album Chasing Yesterday, In The Heat of the Moment amped things up.

And Riverman taken from that same album sounded just beautiful live.

Take a moment, listen to Noel's lyrics and you will realise he is one of the greatest songwriters of our generation - which is why he is a religion worth following.

Add to that the live experience of Noel rock in the original sense and you have a gig that you will never forget.

Even if it is just for his performance of Champagne Supernova alone.

The title of his latest album is perhaps poignant to many of the crowd who themselves are Chasing Yesterday still wearing their Mod inspired look and reminiscing about a Britpop movement that has sadly died a death.

But not if Noël has anything to do with it...the songs that made that era will continue to be played and evolved.

This is evident in the band's single If I Had A Gun, which he dedicated to his Scottish wife Sarah McDonald.

And more evidence comes with an acoustic version of Don't Look Back In Anger, which was a highlight of the night.

Ending on a high with The Masterplan, even I have to admit, Noël I'm converted see you at T in the Park.