Marianne Gunn's verdict: four stars

Carried on like Cleopatra by six sequinned-clad dancers, Mariah Carey's Sweet Sweet Fantasy European tour kicked off in truly camp style. Appearing just before half nine, she didn't keep the Hydro crowds waiting as long as Beyoncé or Madonna, but the Diva was certainly present: "Are we feeling good tonight, Glasgow? It's a pleasure to be here with you. They just picked me up and swirled me from every angle."

Buckets of glittery nostalgia continued with hit Emotions, as trademark high notes were belted (although the backing singers had to cover some of the squeakier moments). Throat spray was flashed before she teased with her first on-stage Diva fit: "It's such a drama! Does it have to be such a drama? It's actually a little traumatic, for me." From the Butterfly album, My All set out her manifesto for the evening, despite some croak creeping into her vocals again.

The stage show, featuring performers from her Las Vegas residency, was quite stripped back with few of the bells and whistles which are the norm in arena tours now; plain old singing, dancing and music-making would have to suffice. Always Be My Baby saw the first costume change from cut-out showgirl to bubblegum pink pop princess (both as outrageously rhinestoned and sparkly as each other).

Musical Director Jim Wright on piano accompanied her Jackson Five duet I'll Be There with friend Trey Lorenz (an MTV unplugged number one) before hissy fit number two about the lack of fan (cue wind machine and heartfelt Michael Jackson tribute). Finally, Diva strop number three introduced her cover of Phil Collins track Against All Odds as she quipped that she had to do the technical support for her tour too and disposed of yet another under par microphone.

The trio of One Sweet Day added a gospel feel before a tribute to Whitney Houston with When You Believe (complete with nostalgic feel-good footage). As Hero and Without You closed the set, if this was the closest Caesar's Palace comes to Glasgow this year, it was just a shame that the Hydro was about two thirds empty. Carey's voice may not quite be what it once was, but she can still put on a sparkler of a show.