GERMAN trance duo Cosmic Gate admit they can’t wait to make their debut at Glasgow venue SWG3 this month.

The pair – made up of Claus Terhoven and Stefan Bossems – will tear up the decks in their first Scottish show in two years at the West End warehouse on Friday, July 29.

The DJs, who are responsible for some of the biggest ever Trance tracks including Fire Wire, spoke about their debut at the venue.

Claus said: “We actually have not played SWG3 but hear it’s very cool, so we are really looking forward to our debut

and to rock it with our Scottish fans.

“You Scottish folks in "DJ land" are simply known to go hard and harder, there is just one way and this is forward, and we love that!”

Hailing from Krefeld in Germany, Cosmic Gate formed in 1999 and launched onto the dance music scene with their first single The Drums.

The duo became renown for their remixes and have since worked with big trance artists such as Dutch legends Tiesto and Ferry Corsten.

Cosmic Gate's sound, however, has changed slightly over the years which is something the boys themselves recognise.

Stefan said: “We think this is a very natural development, we without thinking add new influences and ideas in our productions, standing still and not to change would be boring to us.

“We want to keep things fresh and modern, one album to the next always should show an artist development, shouldn’t it?

“Overall though, there is our Cosmic Gate, let us call it handwriting which is total independent from bpm or style.

“The music has our touch simply, back in 1999 or now in 2016.”

That sound is something they will continue to work on as the pair revealed they have a lot of new music in the pipeline in 2016.

Stefan said: “We are indeed (working on new material). After Am2PM and the new mixes for Exploration of Space we have a new single ready for release, we sure will give it a spin at SWG3, and on top we are working on a lot of new tunes to have a full new Cosmic Gate album ready beginning of 2017.”

It would appear Cosmic Gate still have a passion for music despite being in the business for nearly two decades.

And the boys say the key to their longevity is the fact that music is first and foremost their hobby.

Claus said: “Music and djing was our hobby, and we are a few of the lucky ones that got the chance to continue their hobby as profession.

“That’s why it’s never work for us really, even when things get exhausting quite often, our passion and love for it are always stronger, a truly blessing situation we are more than thankful for even after nearly two decades out there.”

And if music wasn’t their hobby, Cosmic Gate say they have no idea what they will do.

Stefan said: “We really have no clue, the old gods and the new have been good to us.“

One thing they, however, are sure of is their plans to head to Ibiza, which remains one of their favourite places to play.

Claus said: „We have not missed a single summer in Ibiza for nearly 20 years now, this maybe tells a lot about our love for the island...

"The mix of clubs, beautiful beaches, great restaurants and simply the vibe of the island itself is simply unbeatable to us.“

Ibiza aside, the boys will be focused on their Glasgow performance and their set will be something the fans will remember.

Claus said the set will include "the latest club bangers, some classics, some Cosmic Gate classics and maybe a peak from brand-new tunes out of the studio"

With a busy summer ahead, Cosmic Gate will have to do everything they can to ensure they don’t get drained.

Stefan said: "In the end its about taking care for ourselves, try to get rest in, eat healthy, if possible schedule a short break in every few weeks.

"At least as much of all this is possible as its hard on the road sometimes, specially when jet lag on top is bad, but we try, because health is key for the job."

Catch Cosmic Gate at SWG3 on Friday, July 29.

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