If you're a fan of wearable technology then the newly released Kerv Contactless Payment Ring could be for you. 

Kerv is a smart ring bringing purchasing power straight to your finger with instant purchasing capabilities.

The ring works without a Smartphone connection, giving users an untethered experience using near field communication (NFC) technology.

Evening Times:

Kerv is available in a variety of colours and retails at £99.99

Kerv works on the MasterCard's payment network, however, users must register for a Kerv Virtual Prepaid MasterCard account. Once the ring is connected, it should work anywhere that accepts contactless payments - currently over 38 million locations around the world. 

The makers of Kerv claim the device is the first smart ring in the world with purchasing power.

But Kerv is facing a challenge from another UK-based smart ring maker, NFC Ring, which also uses NFC technlogy to make contactless payments. NFC Ring contends Kerv used NFC's intellectual property in its design - a claim Kerv denies.  

NFC debuted the techology in 2015 and later sent rings to "top athletes" for use in the Olympic Village during the 2016 Rio Olympics. NFC Rings are currently available for pre-order in the EU but will ship worldwide.

They require a connected Android device to work, unlike Kerv.