Apple has released iOS 10.3 and it is runoured to be the last big hurrah for iOS 10.

As expected, the update came with several major enhancements - mostly related to Maps, Carplay, and Siri.

One major change that’s largely been overlooked has been the introduction of Apple’s new file system – APFS.

It sounds boring, but it's guaranteed to change how your phone works forever. 

Evening Times:

Most Apple products use the HFS+ file system, which was introduced in 1998. This is a direct descendant of the original HFS file system, which dates back to 1985.

APFS is designed with flash storage in mind, and emphasises scalability. It’ll work just as well on an Apple Watch as it will on a MacBook Pro.

From a security perspective, it’s miles better. APFS is designed with encryption as a key feature, and supports snapshots, which should make it easier to restore your iDevice should things go wrong.

The new filesystem also overhauls how it calculates available storage. As a result, many users are reporting seeing an increase of usable storage space.

iPhone users latest iOS update 10.3 should Increase storage quite a bit with the new apple file management system,worth updating if your low

Wow, iOS 10.3 gave me 3 gigs of storage #ios103

Apple has also updated SiriKit, meaning developers can make apps that allow Siri to book Uber rides and pay bills.

The Carplay update means you’ll get daily curated playlists and new categories in Apple Music, as well as shortcuts to the last-used apps. You can also view info about the currently playing song from the Now Playing screen.

We strongly recommend saving everything before you update to 10.3.

The new file system is incompatible with the old, so if you don’t save, some things could be permanently lost.