COUNTRY popster Thomas Rhett can’t wait to return to Glasgow next week – so he can get a decent curry.

“Last time we were in the UK I got into Indian food, so I will definitely be having a curry,” laughs the Georgia singer, who plays the O2 Academy next Tuesday.

And he’s keen to bring his newest record, Life Changes, to Scotland.

“I feel like fans in the UK really know your albums as a whole and that makes it fun for us when we're deciding what songs to play. If I had to pick one memory, I definitely remember the crowd in Glasgow being insane, and I think it was a Monday night as well last time. So I definitely can't wait to get back and play for them.”

Life Changes is a fitting title for the new album, given that in the two years since Thomas released his previous album, Tangled Up, he has become a father, firstly by adopting daughter Willa, and then with the birth of second daughter Ada.

His career has also gone from strength to strength, with Tangled Up proving a massive hit, and the venues have been getting steadily bigger for the 27-year-old.

“It's fair to say I have never experienced so much dramatic change in my life as I have done in the past two years,” he admits.

“Though the album was written and recorded prior to Ada being born, or Willa coming home, those events definitely influenced the tone of this album, and especially the title track, which mentions both the adoption and Lauren (his wife) being pregnant.

“Overall, the album covers a lot of change themes – from nostalgically looking back at your past, to ignoring change and living in the moment, to looking ahead at the future and contemplating the changes to come.”

One thing that hasn’t changed though, is that Thomas still loves to mix up his musical styles. He might be a country singer at heart, but he loves to bring in pop, disco and rock when he’s recording. He’s also helped by the fact that his dad, the country singer Rhett Atkins, works with him and has penned several songs for him.

However, like any typically stubborn son, one of the tunes on Life Changes, Drink A Little Beer, only came about after his dad suggested his son not attempt it.

“It probably sticks out from everything else on this album because it's the most country thing I have ever recorded,” says Thomas.

“He sent it to me in an email the day he wrote it and he said, ‘You'll never record this, but I wanted you to hear it’. I think when your dad tells you you're not going to do something, it makes you want to do it…”

The record has a positive, upbeat vibe and Thomas believes that’s a reflection of his current mindset. However one negative is that he now he’s heading out on the road, leaving his two daughters behind for the first time.

“I definitely felt really guilty the first time I had to go out on the road and leave Lauren and Willa by themselves for a few days,” he admits.

“That feeling of guilt obviously doubled after Ada was born and I was leaving Lauren with two kids and two dogs. But I got some great advice from some of my artist friends who have been through the same thing.

“I asked them how they dealt with feeling guilty when they leave, and they told me that your reasons for doing it change. That it becomes about providing the best life possible for your family, and that's why you're leaving. I am really looking forward to the girls being a bit older though, and being able to take them out on the road.”

Thomas Rhett, O2 Academy, Tuesday, £25, 7pm