TWO Glasgow teenagers are well on their way to becoming superstar DJs after getting booked for gigs months into learning their craft.

Morgan Courtney, 15, and Kai McLean, 12, are now in demand to play at everything from school proms to charity shows after impressing event organisers with their DJ skills.

The pair are a product of SM Studios which opened back in April in Shawlands.

We previously reported that the creative music hub was launched by a group of established DJs to nurture some home grown musical talent - and now the studios have created two young stars.

Eastbank Academy first year pupil Kai has even had radio play with a mixtape he produced. The Parkhead youngster featured on George Bowie’s popular GBX programme on Clyde One after he impressed with his musical stylings.

Kai said: “I want to travel around the world with djing. I like to see people dancing to the music I am playing, it gives me an adrenaline rush to keep going and making it better.”

Kai’s dad Stuart McLean is well-known in the city for his long residency in Victoria’s nightclub. Despite having an established DJ in the family, Kai never took to the decks until the studio officially opened eight months ago.

Stuart, who also runs SM Studios, said: “I have had decks in my house for years and he never took a liking to it. First day I opened the studio, he was the first one on them and I have not been able to get him off . He has took to them like a duck to water.”

He added: “ I was never a believer in genetics but it is frightening how good he has taken to it and he has only been doing it for eight months. I would not have a problem putting him up against the other DJs on the scene. “

Similar to Kai, Morgan is also new to the world of djing. The St Paul’s High School pupil tried everything from horse riding to dancing but found her passion in music.

The Darnley teenager said: “I just like playing for my self and I like listening to music.”

SM Studios’ Neil Hood explained that both Kai and Morgan are a raw talent. They have featured on live streams on the social media website Facebook - and as a result people have wanted to book them for events.

Neil said: “What we have achieved is amazing. The kids getting gigs is nothing to do with us – people just want them.

“A lot of DJs get complacent but they both have a hunger for djing, and as long as they maintain that, they will stand out.”

He added: “What if this wasn’t here? We didn’t have this when we were younger. This might have not happened and this is what the studio and these streams are about.”

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