Glasgow Pavillion until 14 January 2018

WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: A storm has whisked Dorothy and her wee dog Toto off to a magical land over the rainbow. She now has to rely on her new oddball friends to get back home to Coatbridge. But is all it seems? Well no, she’s only dreaming. Come on, you’ve all seen the film.

ANY FAMOUS FACES?: Yup, plenty. Scots cabaret immortal Christian performs as a curiously well-acted “Scatty Scarecrow”, while veterans Nicola Park, Dean Park and Liam Dolan are on hand with countless years of panto experience to keep the fresh-faced River City lads in line. Holly Jack plays it straight as Dorothy, charming the audience with ease and keeping the whole thing from unravelling in the midst of all the well-rehearsed chaos.

KIDS’ VERDICT: Robyn Bain, 3: “I was a bit scared of the witch but Dorothy melted her at the end bit and it was good.” Abbie Leckie, 9: “I thought Grado the wrestler was really funny, he has a funny voice. It was all brilliant.” Amber Leckie, 6: “I love the Wizard of Oz and this was better than the film, everyone was so funny.”

GROWN-UPS’ VERDICT: Woz delivers a wholesome, fun and family-friendly extravaganza that stays well away from Krankie-esque filthmongering. The only thing flying over the kids heads were the sweeties thrown out from the stage. There is a genuine feel-good atmosphere emanating from the stage and a detectable camadery among the actors that’s infectious. The sets are immersive and Stephanie Fulton’s choreography is impressive.

FUNNIEST BIT: An offhand reference from wrestler Grado saying he’ll “bodyslam the hair transplant off” River City’s Shellsuit Bob.

SCARIEST BIT: In the great wizard of Oz’s lair where we see the image of himself he is falsely projecting on the big screens. It’s like a deformed dolphin convulsing while looking in a spoon, genuinely disturbing stuff.

BEST BIT: Grado and Stephen ”Shellsuit Bob” Purdon have great comedy chemistry, like the physically mismatched 80s duo Little and Large - only funny. Their story “arc” from the Wicked Witch’s minions to Dorothy’s buddies is a lovely, uncynical tying up of the timeless tale.