Canadian popstar Shawn Mendes blew the roof off the SSE Hydro, leaving hysterical teenagers in his wake.

Scottish fans welcomed the performer back with open arms a year after his last visit to the city.

And it turned out to be an important show for the 20-year-old as well.

Speaking to the thousands of fans, Shawn revealed it was the first gig he had done without medication for his nerves.

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“This is a very important thing I have to tell you guys", he said.

“As a performer you can get very nervous before performing and there’s things you can do to help with that. I do a lot of meditation and things.

“There’s this medicine called beta blocker which slows your heart down so it can calm you down.

“I’ve been taking that medicine every show that I’ve done and this is the very first show I’ve done where I’ve not taken that medicine.”

He then thanked fans for their support before kicking off his impressive set.

Despite being in the early stages of his career, Shawn had no issue commanding the stage and selling out Glasgow's biggest venue.

With his signature grin plastered on his face the whole night, he performed hits including There’s Nothin’ Holdin’ Me Back, Stiches and Treat You Better.

The set finished off with Mercy before encoring a surprise performance of Coldplay’s Fix You and hit In My Blood.

Shawn seemed almost overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the crowd who showed that regardless of age, Glasgow crowds will be always be one of the best in the world.