WITH the final series of Game of Thrones airing on April 14, it's time to take a look at what fans are predicting the outcome to be:

1. Daenerys is pregnant with Jon’s baby

Possibly not believable as we find out in season one that Daenerys is barren, however, with the set up of her possibly being the last Targaryen and the dragons being her only children it is the perfect time to announce a surprise pregnancy.

2. Jaime is planning to kill Cersei

There was a lot of discussion around this theory panning out in season 7, but nothing ever came of it. The final series would be the perfect time for a showdown to finally take place between his sister/lover.

3. Arya’s long lost direwolf will return

The fans looked on in awe as Ayra encountered her missing direwolf, Nymeria, in season 7. She allowed her to continue on into the woods, however, as the mystical creatures cannot be kept as pets. However, it would make a heart-warming reunion once more if Nymeria was to return for the final series.

4. Jon survives the great war and takes the throne

This theory is heavily based off of the teaser trailer for season 8, which sees a statue standing in Winterfell which looks eerily like an older Jon Snow..however this is just complete speculation.

5. Sansa dies

Again, going off the trailer, Sansa speaks the exact same line to someone that her father did before he was killed. So, people feel that Sansa is set to die in the same way as her Dad. Maisie Williams has even said to keep a close eye on this so there could be some truth in this prediction.

6. The Starks are related to the White Walkers

This could add a twist into the mix, with this prediction based off a theory that the Starks took a White Walker baby to raise as their own and struck a pact with the Walkers. Could be interesting but probably unlikely.

7. Everyone dies

Lets be honest - everyone is thinking it. It would be typical Game of Thrones to kill off everyone and allow the White Walkers to triumph. Heartbreaking but never rule anything out with this show.