TRANCE star Gareth Emery put a dampener on other DJs night the last time he played a set in Glasgow.

For the producer ordered non-alcoholic beers for his rider - putting a stop to the party for other DJs sharing the bill.

Those DJs were given the non-alcoholic beers instead of him when the blunder happened during his last show at the now defunct Arches nightclub - and he admitted they didn't know.

He explained: "I’m not too crazy these days.

"The last time I played The Arches (RIP), I had non-alcohol beers on my rider because I was taking a break from drinking. Becks Blue I think.

"But someone got them mixed up and put them in the riders of all the other DJs who were drinking them without knowing. Fair to say I put a damper on everyone’s night that time."

What is fair to say, however, is that the DJ will not be putting a dampener on any of his Glasgow fans night when he takes to the decks at The Classic Grand in the city on Saturday as part of promoter Colours Easter weekender.

"Glasgow has some of the most riotous fans in the world! It more than makes up for the weather," beamed Emery ahead of the show.

With a back catalogue of some of the best dance music tracks around, Emery promises his "amazing" Scottish fans that the night will be one they won't forget.

He said: "I’m still playing a lot of music from my last album 100 Reasons To Live, plus a few new ones I’ve got in progress, and of course my most recent single Saving Light which has been a big favourite in my sets."

One track the fans, however, will be dying to hear is Emery's remix of club banger Concrete Angel which features the vocals of talented singer Christina Novelli, who is the daughter of celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli.

The pair collaborated on the track in early 2012 and by June of the same year, it entered number 15 on the Billboard dance music charts.

It was nominated for 'Best Trance Track' at the 28th Annual International Dance Music Awards in 2013 and the video for the song has amassed over 30 million views on YouTube.

Its popularity is something which is not lost on Emery who said: "I knew the track was big when I was making it but to see it still be so big over five years on is pretty insane."

There is no doubt that the DJ has a knack for making big club hits, but recently Emery has turned his attentions to another art form - TV.

The Southampton-born music man revealed he has been working on his project about a fake dance music group - and he admits that the change of direction has taken him away from producing new material.

He said: "I’m about to shoot a TV show – a mockumentary about a fake dance music group called CVNT5 which I created and co-wrote, so that has taken up most of my time recently."

He even explained that making TV would be the one thing he would do if he wasn't a DJ.

He said: "I would probably be working in TV, film, or running my own business. Nothing that required me working for someone else 9-5 though. I’m fair too lazy and indisciplined for that. Working for myself was the only choice."

Having come from a musical family - his sister Roxanne is a singer-songwriter - you can't imagine it won't be long before Emery gets back into his record-making ways.

Despite the siblings being in the same business, Emery insists that there is no rivalry with his sister taking on a pivotal role in his career.

He said: "We work together (she’s my manager) so for the most part we get along great. Obviously, when you fall out as a brother and sister things can escalate extremely quickly, so we both have to be careful about that."

With his base now in LA, Emery is one of the few DJs who has been able to see firsthand the explosion of dance music Stateside - and it is something that he might even write a book about one day.

He said: "It’s been an insane decade. Pre-2010 I barely played in the US, now I live there, have a house in Los Angeles.

"It’s not quite as crazy now as it was a few years back, but I feel very fortunately to have been at the right place at the right time, and enjoy the explosion of electronic music on the front line. I’ll have to write a book about it some day."

Catch Gareth Emery at the Classic Grand on Saturday.

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