This might be surprising to you, but I’m a big fan of bank holiday weekends. I don’t mind going on the record as saying that. I’m a big fan of bank holidays and the way they facilitate my habit of lounging around for days on end, like a bad caricature of a layabout student.

I’m especially fond of four-day bank holiday weekends when I am actively encouraged by society to triple my body mass by gorging on chocolate until I end up sore and shaking and on the phone to NHS 24 because my blood has literally turned into sugar. These are truly the times we should cherish most.

The bank holiday that we just enjoyed, that one there, was remarkable because on top of enjoying my favourite activity, I managed to squeeze in trips to a couple of Glasgow’s most exciting new venues, both of which had just opened in a flurry of hype.

The first was the Barras Art and Design Centre’s new Backyard: a super-hip, Brixton-esque space out the back of A’Challtainn that’s built out of shipping containers, and was packed all weekend with creative types sipping cans of Budvar and shimmying to disco and northern soul. It was a super place to hang out. The other was Edinburgh brewery Innis & Gunn’s new Beer Kitchen on Ashton Lane: a sleek, snazzy, three-floor addition to the popular old thoroughfare that boasts its own microbrewery.

We finished off the weekend at Brel, a Belgian bar and restaurant metres away across the lane, that’s an old favourite. It doesn’t brew its own beer, but it does import an impressive selection from the continent. And it has a gem of an outdoor courtyard that, on sunny weekend days, is one of the city’s best places to sink a pint and enjoy the glorious feeling of the impending fear fading away. I'm not sure there’s a word for it, but perhaps the Belgians have one.

What Glasgow area is ripe for regeneration?

Sam Clinton (57), Neilston - "Shawlands. It's a fantastic place but it's run down in some areas".

Natalie Dick (27), Kilmarnock - "Parkhead - a lot of infrastructure was put there for the Commonwealth games, but there's still a long way to go."

Heather Mitchell (56) , Neilston - "Pollok. It's got a cracking big shopping centre, but some areas are really dire".

David Hamilton (38), Maryhill - "Maryhill. It's a good neighbourhood, and a couple of the pubs have been gentrified, but it could progress a bit more".

Alan Fullagar (42), Partick - "I think things across Glasgow are generally moving in the right direction".

David Marshall (31) , Woodlands. "Woodlands - it would be great to see the area take off. It's staggering distance from home, so nice and handy".

Gill Petrie (37), Denistoun - "Denistoun - there's a few pubs you can go to, but you wouldn't pick Denistoun for a night out".

Angela Morton (42), Partick - "Govan - it's where I work, but there's just nothing happening there".

Kieran Owens (21), Coatbridge - "Parched - it seems quite probable that they could gentrify it".

Jamie Clapton (25), Edinburgh - "I don't agree with gentrification. It's often done at the expense of working class families".

Danielle Ward (24), Falkirk - CLUBBER OF THE WEEK

Q: Favourite club?

A: Sub Club

Q; Favourite pub?

A: The Grosvenor

Q: Favourite DJ?

A: Claptone

Q: Favourite band?

A: Biffy Clyro

Q: What are you drinking?

A: Vodka and diet coke

Q: First club you went to?

A: City, in Falkirk

Q: Describe your dancing in three words or fewer?

A: Casual

Natalie Wood (22), Springburn - "Springburn. There's just nothing there".

Caitlin McMahon (21), Crookston - "Crookston - it's a good area but there's no bars".

Early O'Neill (20) , Penilee - "Crookston. Because Crookston loves a party".