To Finnieston, where Six By Nico is making waves with the celebrated Italian restaurateur’s childhood-inspired tasting menu. It is six courses of joy in a super-trendy setting: a boke-inducing egg and soldiers dish aside, this was a journey through the mind of a talented and inventive chef.

Everything about it was delicious, no doubt: the mac and cheese with confit chicken wing and deconstructed pork cheek burger were particular highlights. But for a gannet like your correspondent, a tasting menu is just not going to cut it when followed by a pub crawl - of never-before-visited boozers (we stopped at the Park Bar, Dukes Bar and the recently-opened Drugstore Social, where the giant punch bowls are a zesty pick-me-up capable of revitalising even the most beleaguered sesh victim). By sundown, after a few more hours of copious refreshment than is ever necessary, bellies were audibly rumbling.

We made our way back down the strip to The Duchess of Argyle, a new-ish bar that replaced the ever-unappealing Rockus. Its Mexican street food may be on the other end of the sophistication scale from Nico’s, but when you’re a few beers deep it is infinitely more satisfying. There isn’t much that Glasgow has in common with Miami, but as I savoured the succulent, crispy pork taco, the sweetness of the charred pineapple and the fresh coriander combining to dance a merry jig on my tastebuds, I was back in South Beach with the sun beating down on my face. The empanadas are a flaky joy, and the oddness of enjoying authentically Latin-tasting food in the surrounds of an old man’s boozer is one to be enjoyed. Fine dining it isn’t, but by goodness it’s good.

Sophie Hamilton, 21, Irvine - "The most unusual place I've ever been to for a party was just a normal house party. But it was super fun".

Grant Bowie, 26, Irvine - "I went to a party at a big top circus in Australia. It was great, but bizarre".

Holly Hamilton, 31, Manchester - "The side of a mountain in Austria. It took two hours to find in the dark".

Michael Seenan, 25, Partick - "I went to a 21st party in the crypt of a church. It was dark and dingy".

Bob Mitchell, 40, Finnieston - "A party bus. It was pretty dangerous every time the driver braked".

Claire Agnew,33, and Grant Agnew, 34, Bearsden - "We went to a party in the disused railway tunnel under the transport museum. We found out by word of mouth. It was disgusting".

Ashley Howie, 42, west end - "A rave in the railway tunnel under the Botanics. Those were crazy times".

Sharon Nel, 42, Bearsden - "Butler in the buff, Portugal. He taught me how to dance".

Sarah Thurtell, 44, Cathcart - "A wake. We put the fun into funeral".

Leanne Platt, 25, Clydebank - CLUBBER OF THE WEEK

Q: Favourie club?

A: Bamboo

Q: Favourite pub?

A: Malones

Q: Favourite DJ?

A: Calvin Harris

Q: Favourite band?

A: James Bay

Q: What are you drinking?

A: Vodka, lemonade & lime

Q: First club you ever visited?

A: Plush, East Kilbride

Q: Describe your dancing in three words or fewer?

A: Absolutely marvellous