It was a sticky night last summer. I was enjoying a late-night libation of Leche de Pantera with a couple of friends in the Panther Milk Bar, when the charming and good-natured barman there stopped by our table to chat. His jumper was emblazoned with five letters: S.P.A.C.E.

The news had recently broken that the legendary club in Ibiza’s Playa d’en Bossa was to close down, so we got round to discussing the jumper. I assumed it was a White Isle souvenir, and a pretty nifty one at that. “Nah, man,” he corrected us. There was a pregnant pause. “I’m just really into space.”

I instantly thought of this guy, and the hugely entertaining 20-minute discussion about the current cosmological scene that followed, when I read about Nautilus Rising’s impressive plans for the Science Centre’s Planetarium.

On Saturday, Sub Club resident Domenic Cappello (aka Dom from Subculture) will get to live out a long-time ambition – performing a specially-curated ambient score as the audience flies through the solar system, the universe and beyond, via the venue’s 360-degree dome. The show will use bleeding-edge scientific data to present the cosmos as you’ve never seen it before, and Dom’s soundtrack is likely to be a suitably stellar companion along the way. Tickets for this are predictably sold out, but Dom will be at Subculture afterwards, hopefully with a rocketload more space disco than usual.

As if all of that wasn’t enough out-there weirdness for a weekend, Optimo are back in the Subbie tomorrow night and their guest is Gonno, the Japanese DJ described by the local legends as “possibly the most psychedelic electronic music DJ we have encountered.”

The love for this Tokyo titan is clear. “We are so excited to have this virtuoso music maestro back one more time,” said Optimo. “Last time (Gonno made his first appearance in Scotland at the club back in 2015) was a truly memorable party – a standout amongst the hundreds that we have hosted at Sub Club. Since then we travelled to Tokyo to play at Contact which in turn was a genuinely magical party – cementing further our musical connection and friendship with this wizard of a DJ. We cannot wait to continue the trip.” Likewise, we cannot wait to see what happens when these kindred spirits play together tomorrow night.

Then, on Tuesday, the club welcomes Hot Chip and Two Bears man Joe Goddard for the continuation of the I AM Boat Party. This night of nautical naughtiness sets off from the Riverside Museum at 7.30, with residents Beta and Kappa bombarding a boatload of “scurvy-ridden hornswagglin’ clubbers” with their usual winning mix of house, techno, disco and everything in between. Then it’s a shuttle bus to Jamaica Street, where Goddard and his new UK Garage and dance-heavy club tracks will keep the party going until 3am.

· Nautilus Rising x Sub Club with Domenic Cappello, Saturday, The Planetarium at Glasgow Science Centre, 9.15pm – 11pm, £15

· Optimo: The Return of Gonno, tomorrow, Sub Club, 11pm – 3am, £8/£12

· I AM Boat Party with Joe Goddard, Tuesday, Riverside Museum & Sub Club, 7pm – 11pm, £25

Nicolas Jaar

The Chilean-American producer Nicolas Jaar has built up a reputation around being a proper artiste. His music is introspective, left-field, deliberately obscure electronica, while his vow to never sign for a major label under any circumstances marked him out as an underground superstar. His second LP, Sirens, was released late last year and showcases what he does best: puzzling, ambient noise infused with deep personal and political statement. In short, this is an unmissable gig: a rare chance to see an electronic artist at the peak of his powers in an irresistible setting.

· Nicolas Jaar, tonight, Barrowland, 7pm – 11pm, £18.50

Julian Jeweil

This weekend’s go-to gig for fans of pure, uncut techno is at SWG3 tomorrow night. The venue’s TV Studio has the French DJ Julian Jeweil playing, with support from Glasgow veterans Animal Farm. Jeweil is a Beatport chart-topper who’s having it large at the moment, with a run of successful releases on the cutting-edge Swedish label Drumcode propelling him to the top of the underground techno scene.

· Julian Jeweil, tomorrow, SWG3, 9pm – 2am, £16

Steve McFadden

Sometimes weekends aren’t all about cosmic psychedelia and political statements and underground techno, though. Sometimes it’s about you and your mates getting together on Sauchiehall Street to sink a few tinnies and hang out with Phil Mitchell in Bar Budda. The Walford hardman’s meet and greet appearance has provoked online hysteria among young soap fans, who have been clamouring to get a booth in Budda ever since the night was announced. If McFadden can put them away the way his on-screen alter-ego does, it promises to be a night of utter philth from start to finish.

· Steve McFadden Meet and Greet, Saturday, Bar Budda, 7pm – 3am,