A very well-hidden gem just off Great Western Road, the Lansdowne Bar and Kitchen has seen its surrounding neighbourhood change massively in the many years it has been catering to the Kelvinbridge community.

My friend Vicki used to be a regular when she lived nearby. And after stints in Fife and the Southside, she was pleasantly surprised to find that, unlike its surrounds, not much has changed in this cosy boozer.

"Back in the day, I used to live in Napiershall Street and I would go in on my own on a Sunday for a bit of downtime," she says. "It felt like a very local pub, with lots of regulars. It's family friendly and it doesn't have that run-down vibe that a lot of local pubs do – it’s got a really nice, modern look and feel.

"I'd take a booth with a TV, and if the football was on I’d get the vegetarian breakfast – it had veggie haggis in it, which was always lovely. I’d watch the football, read the papers, and watch everyone coming in with their kids for Sunday lunch.

“It's a nice wee place that’s tucked away off the beaten track; you know you can pop into and it’s not going to be rammed. You can catch up with someone quickly for a quick drink or you could go there for a proper Saturday night session. It's not hip and happening, but really nice and laid-back in a more traditional way. I have really nice memories of The Lansdowne."

After almost a decade away, Vicki found the change in the area gave it a new vibrancy that she might have missed out on had she been there to see it happening.

“I think the area has definitely got more of a vibe in terms of having a variety of eating places,” she says. “There’s Paesano now, Webster’s, The Crafty Pig, so there’s a couple of new places – Bread Meats Bread as well, of course – and that whole stretch has become a bit more of a destination. It was always decent when I was younger, although given what I thought was decent for an area when I was younger, it would have been great no matter what.

“But it’s attracting places like Paesano and I think that’s the crux – it’s studenty, it’s exciting, it’s vibrant – oh, there’s The Mallard as well. My go-to destination would be The Belle. But I’d take a scenic route to get there, with drinks in the Lansdowne, the Crafty Pig and The Mallard on the way.”

Annette Stewart, 51, Balornock - "Adele - she speaks to the audience too much between the songs"

Jennifer Coyle , 31, Helensburgh - "Coldplay - I think they're a total non-event"

Doreen Shields, 70, West End - "Bryan Ferry - he's sleazy"

Caroline Shields, 54, West End - "Michael Buble - I find him too smarmy"

Meg Camley, 53, Cumbernauld - "Coldplay. They're boring"

Debbie McCluskey, 31, Govan - "Keisha - her voice just goes right through me"

Courtney Stewart, 23, City Centre - CLUBBER OF THE WEEK

Q: Favourite club?

A: Club Box

Q: Favourite pub?

A: Broadcast

Q: Favourite DJ?

A: George Bowie

Q: Favourite band?

A: Fleetwood Mac

Q: What are you drinking?

A: Gin & lemonade

Q: First club you ever visited?

A: O’Couture

Q: Describe your dancing?

A: The best

Debbie Shields, 31, West End - "Slipknot - they remind me of when my sister used to play them all the time. I hated them"

Maria Somerville, 51, Old Drumchapel - "Rhianna. As a schoolteacher, I don't think she's a very good role model"

Joanne Daly, 38, Balornock - "Coldplay. They're far too bland"