It’s a very 2017 dilemma. Do you go to the festival in real life to see your favourite bands play the hits, dance in the field with your friends, sip a warm £5 pint of lager, and bask in the sunshine and the famous atmosphere? Or do you remain in the comfort of your living room and enjoy the curated highlights on the telly, far away from the crowds of bampots that go to these things, with a bag of cans chilling in the fridge and your comfy sofa to recline on?

For the inaugural TRNSMT, which you wouldn’t have failed to notice taking place at Glasgow Green last weekend, I’m lucky enough to be able to try out both methods. On opening day I arrive not long before Glaswegians Belle and Sebastian take to the stage for an all-too-brief run through their back catalogue of smart, literate indie-pop. The apropos Another Sunny Day’s soaring harmonies are enhanced by the cloudless sky and bright evening sun, which are also a perfect backdrop for The Boy with the Arab Strap’s breezy, lolloping organ riff.

Radiohead are not the obvious choice for feel-good, singalong festival headline slot tunes. But they kick off with the chiming twin guitars and soaring chorus of Let Down, from their seminal 1997 album OK Computer, and it’s clear that they inspire a special kind of devotion – there are grown men visibly close to tears as they shout every word back at Thom Yorke. The band spend the next hour and half building a mood, as they did at Glastonbury, and it quickly becomes clear that this is not a set for fair weather fans. No Surprises, with its lullaby glockenspiels, is blissful in comparison to the chaotic noise of 2+2=5, but it inspires the biggest cheer of the night when Yorke sings “bring down the government/they don’t, they don’t speak for us.”

Mosh pits break out during Jonny Greenwood’s solo in Paranoid Android, and after the epic, life-affirming outro of closer Karma Police, chants of “for a minute there/I lost myself/I lost myself” echo along the Clyde. There’s a communal feeling that we all did.

On Sunday, I watch Killie boys Biffy Clyro pumping out the hits to a deliriously partisan hometown crowd (well, almost) with a frosty bottle of Estrella and my slippers on. Was it the same? Of course it wasn’t. The talk is that far from being a placeholder while T in the Park takes a year off, TRNSMT is here to stay. Let’s hope it’s the case.

Q: What's been your highlight of the weekend?

Cameron Falconer, 18, East Kilbride - "The build-up, the anticipation. I've been looking forward to this since February"

Emma Hughes, 18 East Kilbride - "I would have to say Two Door Cinema Club. They're just amazing"

Messina Kirishiga, 20, Belgium - "Kasabian. They were fantastic"

Kryzia Roncero, 20, Spain - "Catfish & The Bottlemen. In Spain they are not famous at all, but I adore them"

Ailish Juniper, 22, Manchester - "Radiohead. I've loved them for many years, but it took until now for me to see them live"

Rhona McKay, 19, Kirkintilloch - "My highlight is the atmosphere. Everyone here is really friendly"

Hannah Moles, 19, Kirkintilloch - "The anticipation. That and the festival food"

Laura Murrie, 19, Kirkintilloch - "The fact that it's Glasgow, and everyone is so friendly and welcoming"

Sophie Jane Richards, 18, Barrow-in Furness - "Catfish & The Bottlemen. The atmosphere when they were on was sensational"

Joe Hebden, 20, Barrow-in Furness - "Probably Catfish & The Bottlemen, but this whole festival - I just can't fault anything about it"

Brett Wayne, 19, Barrow-in-Furness - "The acts. Simple as that"

Alex Barr, 18, Cambuslang - "Kasabian. It was a mad one"

Harvey Boyle, 18, Lanark - "All I can say is - T in the Park is back"

Jessie Child, 17, Guernsey - "It would have to be the atmosphere. Good vibes"

Charlotte Bolding, 18, Guernsey - "Great supply of both products and music"

Cameron Christie, 19, Perth - "The moshpit at Stormzy. I lost my shoes and hat"

Zoë MacGillivray, 19, Kilmarnock - CLUBBER OF THE WEEK

Q: Favourite club?

A: Firewater

Q: Favourite bar?

A: Max's Bar

Q: Favourite DJ?

A: Flix Viero

Q: What are you drinking?

A: Vodka

Q: First club you ever visited?

A: Firewater

Q: Describe your dancing?

A: It’s awesome.