Dance music festival Colourfest takes over at the Braehead Arena this Saturday.

Ahead of the event, we caught up with Headhunterz.

  1. You have previously played in Glasgow before, what do you love about performing in the city?

I have been coming to Glasgow since way back so it always feels trusted to come back. The Arches is engraved in my memory as it was one of the most energetic crowds to play for back in the days.


  1. Do you have any crazy stories from playing in the city?

There isn’t a night in Scotland when something crazy doesn’t happen. From my experience Scottish people go all the way on a night out and so I have seen many crazy things happen haha. I think I’d better not get into the details haha.

  1. What do you make of the Scottish Crowd?

Very outgoing, no holding back!


  1. What do you love about playing a festival and do you get a chance to hang out with the other DJs?

I love the openness of playing at a festival. The vibe at festivals is just unique and yes you run into a lot of people you know. That makes it extra fun. I get to hang out sometimes but I am not partying a lot myself lately because of my busy schedule.


  1. The summer is usually crazy busy for DJs – how do you cope with that and what do you do to relax? 

It’s a very hectic and busy time. I work out, meditate, eat well, don’t drink, about everything I can do, I do to feel my best possible. But with very little sleep it is still a challenge.


6. You have changed your style of dance music so much over the year, why is that?

Because I like to keep challenging myself and I’m an adventurous person. I want to have a taste of what’s out there.


Evening Times:

  1. How has your return to the Hardstyle scene been and are you loving the response from the audience?

I’m having the time of my life. No decision I ever made has ever felt so right as returning to hardstyle. It’s my home and I am more convinced than ever that it’s the most amazing community you could possibly be a part of. I have been welcomed with open arms and I’m very grateful for that.


  1. Is there any song you would love to get your hands on for a remix?

At the moment I’d rather focus on making originals.


  1. Is there anyone you would like to work with?

Maxi Jazz from Faithless would definitely be a great one.


10.If you have to give advice to aspiring djs what would it be?Focus on the producing aspect, lock yourself in your room until you nail it. Be patient and enjoy the process for it doesn’t come overnight.


11.I understand you got into music after being bullied at school, what advice would you give to kids who are going through the same thing as you?

Everything will fall into place when you get older. We all have our baggage we carry with us as grown ups. Focus on yourself and becoming a good human being. The world is as it is, the best thing to do is to accept and learn to deal with it.


Evening Times:

12.You have played all over the world – where do you love performing the most?

I honestely cannot pick. They say the Dutch crowd is one of the hardest to play for as they already have seen everything, but if it wasn’t for them I would be nowhere. So playing in my own country is still very special for me, also because nowadays I’m not there so often.


13.What else can we expect from you this year?

I’m working on a mini album which I hope to finish before the end of the year, that is my main focus at the moment.


14. Where do you consider home and do you get much time to relax?

My house, and no I don’t but I am so very grateful for every moment I get to spend there. It sometimes feels like a vacation being at home, and it’s the most special place in the whole world for me


15.You are 31 and have been in the business for more than 10 years – is there anything else you want to achieve?

Honestly I feel completely revived after returning to hardstyle, I’m ready to do it all over again and we’ll see when and where it ends. But not anytime soon I guess.

Catch Headhunterz at Coloursfest 2017 which takes over Braehead Arena Glasgow on August 5.

Thousands of party people right next to the River Clyde, with over 60 artists playing across six arenas, it’s the dance music event of the summer.

Tickets are on sale now via Skiddle, Tickets Scotland and Ticketmaster plus local outlets across Scotland.

Check the Colours Facebook page for a full list of outlets.