WHEN iconic Glasgow nightclub The Arches closed its doors for the last time, a nation of city clubbers were in mourning.

They never had their chance to say goodbye to a venue which had shaped their adult lives.

From creating lasting memories with friends to forming romantic relationships, The Arches was a venue which was an integral part of the city’s social scene.

Now two years on from the closure, two men who were very much part of The Arches scene are giving the venue the goodbye party it never got.

For on Friday, The Arches ‘family’ will descend on Glasgow’s SSE Hydro for Colours Classical.

The event, which will be hosted by Judge Jules and feature the 60 piece Scottish Festival Orchestra, was the brainchild of Colours founder Ricky Magowan.

With the help of his DJ friends including Iain 'Boney' Clark, he hopes to give The Arches the wake it never got.

Ricky said: "Friday's event is a celebration of Colours time at The Arches. The good times and memories. We want everyone to remember the good times that they had at that venue."

He continued: "There was never a proper goodbye for The Arches. We wanted to host this event to give people some closure."

Ricky explained that once the idea was discussed, he just didn't want to do an Arches reunion party. Instead he wanted to do something a bit different which is why the live orchestra was brought in.

He said: "We just didn't want to do an Arches reunion party, we wanted something different."

Iain added: "This event has been in the pipeline for years but it never came to fruition."

Evening Times:

The Arches closed in 2015 after being part of the city's clubbing scene for more than two decades.

Glasgow Licensing Board made the decision to curtail the licensed hours of the leading multi-arts venue, effectively preventing the organisation from continuing its very successful and popular programme of club nights, many of which were ran by promoter Colours. It later went into administration after losing the income from the club nights.

The club, which was founded in 1991, became famous across the world, attracting the glitterati of the Djing world.

Evening Times:

Everyone who is a name in dance music has taken over the decks under the famous arches including Carl Cox, above, David Guetta and the event's guest of honour Judge Jules.

Thousands of clubbers queuing outside its doors on Midland Street was also a regular sight on the city's night clubbing scene - which is why briefs for Friday's event have been snapped up quickly.

Ricky said: "We picked the biggest venue in Scotland because we are expecting 5,000 people.

"It is quite ironic that you are celebrating 18th century railway arches in a multi-million pound arena."

He added: "People loved The Arches because of the atmosphere and the hedonism of the place.

"You walked in and you had a good time. You never had a bad time in The Arches. It will always have a place in clubber's hearts."

Iain added: "Anyone who came to play at The Arches regardless of what DJ it was, lived for the atmosphere.

"There was three big arches and it had the capability to allow you to put a different type of music on in each arch. There was nothing else like it.

"As a DJ, I just loved the atmosphere and the sound system was amazing as well."

Ricky also believes that the city continues to miss the iconic venue, even though more than two years has passed since its closure.

He added: "The city's economy also misses The Arches. You would have 5,000 people coming into the city for a weekend so the bars and hotels miss it. That money is lost to the city as we would have people travelling from all over the UK to come to nights."

But with the venue gone for good, those who lived for a night out at The Arches will get to experience it again as Colours takes them through the past 20 years of dance music.

A special set list for Friday's event has been curated by DJs including Iain and will feature the dance tracks which became legendary within The Arches.

Friday's set list has been described as the stuff dreams are made of, complete with anthems that have stood the test of time and provided some huge hands in the air moments at The Arches.

Colours have also said that all generations are covered for fans who attended shows at The Arches from 1995 to 2015.

Iain said: "Jon Mancini put the music together as in the score. The two of us picked what we wanted on it.

"The set list leans more towards the people who have played at The Arches including everyone from D:Ream to Eric Prydz so that gives you the full spectrum of music.

"Some of the set list will not please everyone but we have to include the music that defined different generations. It is a full spectrum"

Ricky added: "And your clubbers from 1995 don't go out in 2018 so they will hear something different."

Colours hopes the event will attract the entire family.

Ricky said: "I think people will come with their sons and daughters."

He added: "It is very important for us to do this and keep the clubbing scene alive in Glasgow. Any DJ who visits Glasgow will say the crowd is one of the best in the world."

As for the future, Colours will continue to entertain the city's ravers and the promoters have not ruled out another shindig to celebrate The Arches.

Ricky beamed: "Let's see how it goes on Friday. You are only as good as your last show."

Catch Colours Classical on Friday at the SSE Hydro. The show starts at 7.30pm. Tickets on sale now via www.thessehydro.com