A GROOM got the shock of his life when one of his favourite bands gatecrashed his wedding in Coatbridge - hours before a headlining performance in Glasgow.

Ged McKeown, 30, and his new wife Nicola, 27, were just hours into celebrating their nuptials at St Monica's Hall in the town when Gunz for Hire, who are one of the world's biggest hardstyle dance acts, appeared for a surprise performance.

The Dutch band got wind of the wedding after Ged left a comment on the social media website Facebook, explaining that he was disappointed to miss their Glasgow date due to his big day.

Gunz for Hire then worked with Ged's family to give him the surprise of his life before their gig at the o2 Academy on Saturday.

Ged said: "The DJ made an announcement that there would be a surprise for the married couple. I didn't have a clue what was going on.

"Then the band just burst into the room as one of their songs was playing. I couldn't believe what was happening.

"The band said congratulations and took pictures with us. I was really happy with it all."

He added: "I still can't believe it happened. The wedding was already amazing but this topped it off."

Ged's reaction was caught on video by promoters Back to the Future. In the clip, the band, whose real names are Thijs Ploegmakers and Randy Wieland, burst into the wedding wearing masks before encouraging guests to join in on the rave.

Ged, who has been with his partner for six years and is dad to Ava, four, said: "Everyone at the wedding loved it and they were all bouncing, even the aunties and uncles were up.

"People have even commented that they wish it was their wedding."

In a statement Gunz for Hire said: "We were almost more nervous for this ‘performance’ than a big stadium show.

"Doing something like this is unique in any possible way.

"Ged is a dedicated fan and we couldn’t leave him behind.

"We’re super happy that this resulted in a perfect ‘crash’ and that they were really buzzing about it.

"We can’t wait to come to Glasgow. This city is special for us."

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