They get old so quickly, don’t they? It seems like not so long ago when Max’s Kansas City was The Twisted Wheel, and its sweaty, shoebox club reverberated to the sound of mid-noughties indie classics. Eight years later, things are very different. The Queen Street club is one of the city’s coolest, with a rotating cast of house and techno gods on the billing and a knowledgeable, fiercely up-for-it crowd on the packed dancefloor.

The first round of its eighth birthday celebrations comes tomorrow, with the London producer Joy Orbison teaming up with his mate, the idiosyncratic selector Jon Kraus, for five glorious hours of eclectic dance music. Prepare for a stylish sweatfest as the two run through the gears and into a joyous journey through UK garage, dubstep, jungle and techno.

· La Cheetah’s eighth Birthday with Joy Orbison, tomorrow, La Cheetah, 11pm – 4am, sold out

Denis Sulta

Berlin is generally regarded as the last word when it comes to German artistic havens, but the hipster dream is also booming in Leipzig, around an hour south of the German capital. The locals might roll their eyes at the whole thing – they refer to it sarcastically as “hypezig” – but a flourishing community of artists and musicians has turned a crumbling, post-industrial wasteland that used to have the most polluted air the country into a Deutsch DIY underground paradise. Pracht is one of the city’s most popular clubs – it’s an independent venue and bar set up by a collective of “artists, DJs, brothers, sisters and friends,” and on Saturday two of its members make the trip to Glasgow to play at The Art School’s Night of the Jaguar. Esclé is the moniker of Simon Clement, the Leipzig-based DJ whose hypnotising sets are full of eclectic world tunes, loose, improvised grooves and psychedelic chants, all interspersed with moments of total weirdness. They’re absolutely mesmerising. He’s backed up by his compatriot Karl Rothe, who leans more towards dark, minimalist electronica. The scene is set for a supremely interesting night for the city’s muso clubbers.

Before that though, one of Glasgow’s own takes over the famous student union for a specially-curated night of more orthodox house and techno. Hector Barbour, better known as Denis Sulta, has made the difficult transition recently from local delicacy to widely-renowned selector of some distinction. He has taken his Sulta Selects parties to 15 cities around the country, with guest appearances at Manchester’s Warehouse Project and Space Ibiza propelling the brand to new heights. His guest selectors for this hometown edition are, quite frankly, ridiculously good. The young Australian DJ Mall Grab, whose “leg-stretching, dusty house material” has made fans of George Fitzgerald and Four Tet, is joined by Shanti Celeste and Moxie. The former is a Berlin-based producer who deals in driving house, deep, dark techno and big warehouse bangers, while the latter is a born-and-bred Londoner raised on raving and records. She’s one of the most in-demand DJs in the UK, at ease both in big rooms and sweatbox basements: guaranteed to make this night, with its who’s-who of hype, kick off in a big way.

· Sulta Selects, tomorrow, The Art School, 11pm – 3am, sold out

· Night of the Jaguar x Pracht, Saturday, The Art School, £6

Joris Voorn

Just a standard Thursday night at the Subbie, then, with the Dutch DJ and producer Joris Voorn bringing his sophisticated house and techno stylings to town. Voorn heads to Glasgow straight off the back of a summer where he held down residencies at Ushuaïa and Hï in Ibiza, and after this it’s straight to Moscow for a 2,000-sell-out gig at the Russian capital’s Paveletsky Art Centre. No big deal.

· Joris Voorn, tonight, Sub Club, 11pm – 3am, £15


I was 11 years old, and my neighbour Chris and I were in his room playing Crash Bandicoot or something on the PlayStation. Chris produced a CD ¬– a double-disc jewel case with funny little pie-eyed cartoon characters across its lurid green cover. Silently, he placed it in the top-loading boombox in the corner of the room and pressed play. A pre-pubescent Oasis fan raised on Zeppelin, Rush and the Kinks, I was expecting to be blown away by some exciting musical discovery that would speak to my already out-of-step tastes.

Instead, as the banging donk kicked in, Chris informed me that we were listening to Bonkers. It was my first taste of the hardcore lifestyle, and the moment still lives with me to this day. There must be thousands of ravers out there that remember their initiation into the life too, and this massive night at the Classic Grand on Saturday is for them. All the original masters – Hixxy, Scott Brown, Alex Prospect, MC Storm – are back in one room, on the same vibe. Just like the old days.

· Bonkers: Past, Present and Future Hardcore, Saturday, The Classic Grand, 9pm – 3am, £23