Director: Jon Watts

Starring: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Jon Favreau

Run time: 133 minutes


From the opening moments of Spider-Man Homecoming, when we hear an orchestrated version of the 60’s animated TV show, you realise Marvel is on to another winner.

This is the third version of the classic character since 2002, so there was a lot at stake here, particularly since Marvel and not Sony, was at the driving wheel but you can relax, this film is a gem.

Stripping the mythos of Spider-Man back, we get Peter Parker at 15-years-old and at high school, just as comic book creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko first imagined him.

We also, thankfully, don’t have to endure another origin story.

There’s no Uncle Ben and all the guilt and anguish that brings with it for Peter Parker, Marvel assumes we know the story by now, which comes as a relief.

Michael Keaton is impressive as The Vulture and there are nods, for the fans to The Shocker and The Prowler, both villains from the 1960’s Spidey comic books.

There’s also a touching homage to Steve Ditko’s now legendary issue 33 of the original comic book run which will please super Spidey fans.

And Robert Downey Jnr does play a significant part which is bound to please Marvel superhero fans young and old.

Exciting and down to earth, Homecoming gives us a street level Spidey who is likable and endearing, he seems to fit the suit perfectly and unlike his predecessors is a convincing high school student.

Tom Holland and the rest of the cast are delightful and there’s no earth threatening invasion here, just a rip roaring yarn that will leave everyone wanting more.

The only complaint is that there were not many surprises, the trailer leading up to the release had shown us way too much which can often leave the viewer a little disappointed as they know what’s coming.

But that’s not the film’s fault and this is a must for superhero fans.