The Neighborhood (2017)

Starring: Frank D'Angelo, Danny Aiello, Francesco Antonio, Art Hindle, Margot Kidder, Tony Nardi, Michael Paré, Giancarlo Giannini, John Ashton, Armand Assante, Keisha Augustin, Daniel Baldwin, Leslie Easterbrook, Burt Young and Laurie Fortier

Director: Frank D'Angelo

Run time: 107 mins

Rating: Five stars 

THIS is the sixth feature film outing from Italian-Canadian filmmaker, Frank D'Angelo, and is a beutiful cinematic exploration of the world of street gangs, family dynamics and the price of loyalty. 

Street-gang leader Angelo Donatello (Frank D'Angelo) runs a small-time operation in the same area as Mafia kingpin Gianluca Moretti (Giancarlo Giannini). When he refuses to join Moretti's plan to distribute heroin in their neighbourhood, Angelo and his gang find themselves at war with the mob and battling for control of their territory.

Once again, D'Angelo manages to wear a multitude of hats without compromising his craft. This is stylish and slick, with a lot of 'mob' banter and sharp one-liners that must surely be ad-libbed. 

If you enjoy playing the 'I know that face' game, this one is a must-see for that alone. D'Angelo clearly has an eye for a winning formula and it's nice to see familair faces from his previous movies appear in this one - even if it is just a one-scene cameo. 

The direction is seamless in this crime drama, written and produced by D'Angelo's In Your Ear Productions company. It's also another winner in the soundrack department, with some classic beats and smooth tracks written and performed by D'Angelo. 

Evening Times:

(left to right: Tony Nardi, Giancarlo Giannini, Frank D'Angelo. Picture credit: Frank D'Angelo)

It appears there is no end to this maverick's creativity, nor his ability to draw together a cast of such notable names - including a great performance from a young actor by the name of Francesco Antonio. 

Evening Times:

(Francesco Antonio. Picture credit: Frank D'Angelo)

The 23-year-old York University Acting Conservatory graduate lights up the screen with his steely gaze and chiselled good looks in his role as the young Donatello.

Antionio is also a filmmaker and musician and his debut short film, Addiction, is raking up awards and nominations in almost every film festival it enters. 

Addiction is the story of a young man with a crippling addiction who falls in love, hoping that love is enough. However, his new lady love has doubts about his ability to change and a deciosn she makes, changes everything.

Addiction music video (Warning: This music video contains graphic content)

The Neighborhood is available On Demand at iTunes, Google Play Store, Amazon and at the In Your Ear Productions website HERE.