Marmozets are back with a new album and want more success – after having to readjust to a normal life.

The five-piece released The Weird and Wonderful World of Marmozets back in 2014 and then toured the record extensively, leaving them shattered when they came off the road.

Now they can’t wait to get back out there again.

“There were a lot of changes when we got back, families moving away and some personal stuff,” says Jack Bottomley, their guitarist.

“We toured so heavily that we lost touch with day to day life, so it was weird. We became a bit reclusive because we were trying to work out how to live again.

“All we’d known since our teens was touring, so a year without doing anything at all was strange, but we got through it, and it made us realise how much we need to be in a band.”

The reaction to comeback track Play has been positive. The band’s first new offering in three years is an energetic rocker with a pop tint, and Jack believes it’s a good re-introduction to the band, who first formed when they were all at school.

The group, made up of two sets of siblings, feel their upcoming second album, due out early next year, takes the fierce math-rock of their debut into fresh directions.

“Everything is more in your face, even though there’s some slower and chilled stuff,” says Jack.

“We’ve got songs with a full string orchestra, we’ve got songs with Mariachi horns in it this time. It feels like we’ve had more space to go further. It wasn’t doing it for the sake of it, it was just when we listened to a couple of tracks there was an emptiness there, and we felt we could fill it with something that wasn’t another guitar solo.”

Jack admitted there were a few nerves prior to the release of Play earlier this year, given how long they’d been away for.

“There’s been a lot of waiting about and not having much done, which was a bit naff,” he says.

“It wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was just there were things happening, like Becca needed an operation on her knees than put her out for a while, and then we needed to focus on the album. When we released Play we were confident in the song itself, but we were curious how people would react to it.

“We were hoping that people wouldn’t go ‘oh no, they’re changing’ but everyone seems supportive.”

The band will unveil some of the new tracks next week, when they play Saint Luke’s on Thursday, October 19. Their upcoming dates will get the band back out on the road, and they’re arguably even better live than they are on record.

That has meant they’ve toured all across the world, complete with a few weird and wonderful experiences.

“Japan was a strange one,” recalls Jack.

“The first night we were in Tokyo in this aircraft hanger type venue that was holding a festival and the crowd went berserk when we were playing with mosh pits everywhere. Then they just stopped at the end of each song and it was total silence.

“We lost our tour manager for the night in a nightclub there afterwards. It was all things like that. It was a bizarre tour.”

However they also managed to pick up some tips from rock heavyweights along the way. In 2015 the quintet got to support Muse on the epic rockers arena jaunt, an experience that had a big impact on Jack.

“It was just amazing to see them doing what they do,” he says.

“You want to better yourself as a band and get to that level. It was so perfect, there were no hiccups – it was just boom each night! That was inspiring to see them smash it every night.”

Marmozets, Saint Luke’s, Thursday October 19, £12, 7pm