EVERY survivor of a boyband is able to recount the crazy tales of the lengths fans went to in order to meet their crush.

But for Irish singer Brian McFadden, an encounter with a fan in Glasgow when he was with Westlife, was one of the scariest times he had in the city, which still haunts him to this day.

"I think one of the scariest times in Glasgow was when I was in Westlife," Bryan opened up in his soft Irish accent.

He continued: "A lot of the fans chased after the tour bus but this one fan, a girl actually fell and smashed her head off a kerb.

"We went to see her in the hospital, and her injuries were pretty horrific and scary.

"I will always remember that sight of seeing that girl as her face was like something out of a Freddie Kruger movie."

The memories of visits to Glasgow are, however, not all bad as Brian said he has had some "cracking times" in the city and he hopes to have even more when he comes to the o2 ABC on December 18 for a performance as part of the duo Boyzlife.

With Keith Duffy as the other half of the band, Boyzlife was formed as a supergroup encompassing the hits of Boyzone and Westlife.

"We are having a great time myself and Keith on the road. This is our third tour in 18 months," he beamed.

He added: "When your friends and you can work together, it makes it fun and exciting for both of us."

Having that enthusiasm is rare considering next year will mark Brian's 20th in the music industry. He auditioned for Louis Walsh's Westlife in his native Dublin in June, 1998 and was propelled into the spotlight. Under the guidance of X Factor supremo Simon Cowell, the band became one of the most successful to come out of Ireland with early hits Flying Without Wings, Swear It Again and If I Let You Go all hitting the number one spot. That level of fame is only all too familiar for his Boyzlife co-star Keith Duffy who as a member of Boyzone achieved similar success.

Brian said: "It was an amazing experience. It was something I kind of dreamed about when I was younger. Everyone wants to be a popstar and be in a band like Westlife.

"When it actually happened I spent most of the time pinching myself. I don’t think I realised how special that was until I actually left them and stepped away from it, and I looked back at them and realised how great it was."

Quitting the band to focus on a solo career and his family - Brian was then married to Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona with whom he has two daughters, Molly and Lilly-Sue - was the next step for the singer and it is a decision he has never regretted.

He said: "I never regret anything. That time in my life where I was, it was the right decision to make. I do it again if I went back."

He admitted his solo career his something he continues to work on as he knows Keith will be busy with Boyzone's 25th anniversary celebrations next year and a reunion with Westlife seems unlikely.

He said: "I would (reform) but I don’t think it is ever going to happen. I think you will probably see the other four lads get back together. But I can’t imagine the five of us getting back together again. Too much has gone on since then and it has been such a long time. It is unlikely."

He added: "I am happy doing Boyzlife but next year Keith goes back to Boyzone to do the 25th anniversary album and tour.

"I will hopefully release a solo album next year to coincide because I am going on tour with the boys."

Now 37 and a bit older and wiser, Brian seems content with his life. There will be no wild parties when him and Keith come to Glasgow.

The boys instead plan a trip to Loch Lomond to play a round of golf and as for the future, making a special birthday is all Brian wants to achieve.

He joked: "I would like to see 40, that would be good. If I can get to 40, I would be pretty happy with that."

Catch Boyzlife at Glasgow's O2 ABC on December 18. For tickets visit boyzlife.seetickets.com.