Glasgow comedian Limmy is relishing in the spotlight this week - even if it’s not for anything positive.

The controversial funnyman ruffled feathers this week after sharing two ‘breaking news’ tweets from his account which had his 343,000 followers believing Simon Cowell had died following a heart attack.

Evening Times:

The X Factor judge was not able to appear on the popular ITV talent competition at the weekend after falling down the stairs at his London home.

The story was quickly picked up by London press who labelled the comedian - real name Brian Limond - a “vile troll.”

Deciding to ruffle feathers even more, the 43-year-old posted a series of selfies onto his Twitter account which he staged to look like he was being snapped by paparazzi.

Tagging two publications in his tweet, he jested: “Managed to get some snaps of vile troll Brian “Limmy” Limond. Yours for £5000.”

Evening Times:

It’s not the first time Limmy has landed himself in hot water by making a controversial comment.

In January of this year, the purveyor of dark humour was “reported to the FBI” after making an assassination joke about Donald Trump’s inauguration.

As soon as the in-jest tweet was posted to his followers, he was flooded with furious replies from Trump supporters.

And, naturally, as ever, Limmy’s responses were on point as he even used an Evening Times tweet to further rile the Trump camp up.