It's Saturday night down a lane off Sauchiehall Street, and The Trend frontman Ryan Malone is busking alongside Reverend and the Makers.

The impromptu performance was just the icing on the cake on what has been an amazing year for the Glasgow band.

"The Reverend and the Makers are quite famous for bringing their gigs outside at the end of a show and we knew that they had planned it after their Glasgow gig," explained Ryan.

He added: "As soon as Jon McClure came out The Garage, he played a song and asked people to join him.

"I jumped straight up and there was at least 200 people all out in this alley in Glasgow, watching me.

"It was a great experience."

That confidence for Ryan to jump up and perform beside a well-established artist has come from his time with The Trend.

The band's popularity has exploded over the last year and their sound is reaching even more people than it did before.

But most importantly they are gigging more and more, and it shows in their performance.

Ryan, 24, said: "It has been a great year. We had a lot of great shows and everybody was really buzzing off the music.

"We have travelled so much and been to loads of places that word of mouth has spread about us. It has just got easier to get people to come to our gigs and we are doing bigger and bigger shows now because of it."

This week, the four piece, which also includes guitarist Del Greig, 26; drummer Josh Carmichael, 20 and bassist Jonny Carroll, 30, released their new single Show Me The Light on Sound Hub.

The track is taking the Britpop sound to the next level as the band embrace dreamy 90s guitar hooks, thumping bass lines and an outrageously catchy chorus reminiscent of days-gone-by.

Ryan said: "We are developing all the time to come up with these sounds and it is getting easier to do.

"When we perform now we don’t feel that nervousness or worry that people won’t know who we are. "No matter where we play, there is always someone who stands up and gives us the ability to hit it as hard as we can."

They will get to play the new single live when they perform at Glasgow's iconic Barrowlands later this year. The lads will join The Complete Stone Roses on Saturday, December 30 and the gig will mark their second show at the legendary venue.

Ryan said: "We took it all in our stride the last time. We were that buzzing about it that I don’t think we really took it all in.

"Now we know the set up of playing a massive stage like that. I think this time it will be a lot easier to do."

He added: "We were thrilled to be asked to do it again because it is such a good venue. We played it last year and we always said it was the best gig we have ever done."

Evening Times:

The boys are also eyeing the potential for other big shows in 2018 and they have not ruled out playing the city's new festival Trnsmt.

Ryan said: "Trnsmt was brilliant. We went to it and it was really good. T in the Park has declined quite a lot in the last few years but Trnsmt this year, had more good rock bands at it. With the Jack Rocks stage they had, it was a lot more suited to bands like us."

After speaking to The Trend over a year ago, it is clear that the band has grown both in terms of style and popularity.

They have a place in the Glasgow music scene and they have aspirations to take it to the next level as Ryan explained.

He said: "Glasgow is brilliant just now as there is so many up and coming bands. Through artists like Gerry Cinnamon, there is more and more people getting involved in the music scene

"Someone like him shows what can happen with playing live music in Glasgow."

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