FINNISH rockers Von Hertzen Brothers have been blazing a trail across Europe since 2006, but are set to keep things intimate for their upcoming Glasgow show.

The three-piece have had three number one albums and another two top five albums in their homeland and are now preparing to replicate their success on an international scale.

Having previously toured with the likes of Foo Fighters, 30 Seconds to Mars and Biffy Clyro, the band are no strangers to stadium shows.

New album ‘War Is Over’ has given the band the opportunity to renew their sound, singer/guitarist Mikko explains: “On every record, we try to renew the sound of the band and come up with stuff we haven’t done before.

“It’s all about staying alert and conscious of your own habits and leanings as songwriters and challenging yourself with new approaches.

“Inspiration for the title came from the fact that we wanted to do the song after having it in our drawer for a few years.

“Being the epic twelve minute thing it is, it took some guts to start tackling it.

“Also we thought that bringing up the subject of peace, empathy and compassion was very much needed in the times we live in.

“We still feel nervous releasing music to an extent, but with this album we felt pretty calm and confident.”

The latest record follows on from 2015’s acclaimed New Day Rising and saw the band take a new approach to their song-writing technique.

Mikko, along with brothers, Kie and Jonne von Hertzen took time to write separately.

“Our family has a summer cottage outside Helsinki”, explains Kie.

“All three of us would take turns to withdraw and head up there to write music. It’s a beautiful place in the inner Archipelago of the Eastern Sea.

“It’s where we used to spend our childhood summer’s, so all of us have a deep and personal connection to the place. The main part of composing happens there in total peace and quiet.”

While seeking to build on the band’s long standing domestic success, they have looked to assemble a new team around them globally to help them replicate this internationally.

The recent appointments include of both new management and booking agents while also most recently signing a new worldwide deal with Mascot Label Group, home to Joe Bonamassa, Black Stone Cherry, Black Country Communion, Monster Truck, Ayreon & Beth Hart to name but a few.

“We’ve learned a way to work where everything goes rather smoothly and like in other parts of life that usually means giving space to each other to be creative”, Mikko explains.

“The sense of purpose is born from responsibility.

“For example on this album the one who had the initial vision of a particular song was kind of the skipper of that song during the whole process of producing it to the final version that is now available for every to hear.

“We had a clear vision of the songs and the whole album, so bringing in another set of ears would have been possible but maybe unnecessary.

“Also we just thought that we knew what we wants so let’s just start doing it. We are very pleased with this album and I can’t remember a time when we were this enthusiastic about bringing these song to life in the shows

“Our sound has changed quite a bit from record to record and it also changes according to the engineers we use.

“The previous album, New Day Rising was made in North America and definitely the sound of that album resembles a more American sound.

“This time we wanted to keep it very organic and put emphasis on the fact the band has to be heard. Every individual of the band has his own sound, so let it be heard.”

Mikko wrote most of his lyrics whilst on a one month break in India during January 2017 having previously spent seven years living in an Ashram with the spiritual guru and leader Amma, also known as ‘The Hugging Saint’.

During his twenty years long association with the country and its music, one can hear the influences seeped to the VHB songs. As an example, one of the songs of the new album called To The End of the World brings in these was written in an Indian scale.

The album was produced by all three brothers between Helsinki and Porvoo. Each one of the brothers produced their ‘own’ songs; Mikko wore the producer's hat on songs To The End of the World, The Arsonist, Frozen Butterflies and Beyond Horizon. Jonne on Blindsight and Kie on War Is Over, Who Are You?, Long Lost Sailor, Wanderlust and Jerusalem – which also features Janne ‘Burton’ Puurtinen of Finnish rockers HIM on keys.

Their experiences with so many massive rock bands have showed the group where they want to be.

“We’ve learned a lot from every gig we did. The Foo’s are great role models to aspiring bands like us. Very down to earth and inspiring in so many ways.

“With Biffy, we’ve simply loved the band ever since we met them like five years go in Finland.

“Great band, super nice guys and a work ethic to envy. We would like to do more with them in the future as we think we are kind of operating on the same side of the fence.”

Von Hertzen Brothers will be playing G2 tonight as part of their current tour.

“We’ve been to Glasgow a couple of times and have nothing but good memories of visiting the place. The crowd can be rather loud but that’s JUST THE WAY we want it! And we are looking forward to.”