IT might seem strange to those unfamiliar with Lewis Capaldi that he has the fans, let alone the balls, to stand in front of a sold-out Glasgow ABC swigging a half bottle of Buckfast, but for those who have heard him, it’s entirely fitting.

The Bathgate-born singer songwriter sold out the venue off the back of an EP and the power of social media.

Having been gigging in Glasgow since he was 12-years-old, Capaldi has managed to secure massive success in the past year with sold-out shows across the UK, Spotify streams across the world and a slot on the TRNSMT main stage.

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The release of his debut album is not expected until early next year so the 1,400 strong Glasgow crowd have forked out to see an artist who has only released four-songs. Something Capaldi himself is happy to joke about.

His set list tonight, however, is 12 tracks long with the addition of upcoming single ‘Rush’ and a few others not included in the Bruises EP.

New songs including Only You, Grace, Lasting Love and Don’t Get Me Wrong are well received by the crowd and showcase a more uptempo side of the performer that he's yet to show in his releases.

Read more: Picture This and Lewis Capaldi to take to the stage on Glasgow Green

Capaldi’s strength lies in his ability to tap into emotions that are universally recognised like heartbreak, love and difficult relationships.

Self-proclaimed ‘depressing one’ Lost On You gets audience members tearing up as the singer’s effortlessly emotive voice echoes around the room.

Despite the downbeat theme of the songs, Capaldi keeps the atmosphere light with his onstage ‘banter’ which is exactly what the half-steaming Saturday night crowd are looking for.

“This one is for my gran”, he says during the set. “She’s not doing well…she’s awright there’s no need to aww. You all need to cheer me or you’ll look like b******s.”

Last track Fade cements the fact that Capaldi has absolutely nailed it. He returns for the encore with a half bottle of Buckfast and the look of a man who can't quite believe his luck.

He swigs down the bottle as he performs final song Bruises, which is almost but not quite, drowned out by the crowd singing his lyrics back to him.

In true Glasgow style the song soon turns into a chant of its own.

“Calm down, this isn’t the George Bowie remix”, he says before heading off stage after what can only be described as a faultless sell out headline show – probably one of many we’ll be seeing from the performer.

Lewis Capaldi will be performing at TRNSMT festival on Sunday July 8.

Verdict: Five stars