EX-CELTIC starlet Tony Watt has revealed he accidentally 'blanked' Scottish singer Paolo Nutini after the club's legendary win against Barcelona.

The player, who won the hearts of the Celtic support after scoring the winner against Barcelona in the 2-1 game in 2012, revealed the incident during a chat with Si Ferry on his Open Goal show.

He said: "I’ve listened to Paolo’s music for years and before games he’s been in a few of the playlists.

"We went out and I was drunk, celebrating. James Forrest lived in the town so I was going to stay at his that night. I think we were in for a recovery the next day but I knew I was going to be drunk and couldn’t make it home myself.

"We were in the Corinthian with Adam Matthews, Joe Ledley and Jamesy – we always had that quartet it was funny. If we were in the hotel we would prank people it was a good group but they always wound me up because I was a wee bit lively.

"I couldn’t remember a thing and I woke up the next day and Joe came in and said ‘by the way you were embarrassing, Paolo Nutini came in and said well done and you blanked him’."

He added: "“I was like ‘you’re winding me up, don’t because I’ll start getting wound up’ I was getting angry at him."

Watt revealed he asked Celtic's PR manager Rhonda MacDonald to get Paolo's number.

He said: "The next day I phoned Rhona and said to her ‘give me Paolo Nutini’s number I need it’.

"I’ve phoned him and said ‘Joe Ledley told me I blanked you the other day I swear to god I can’t remember a thing I’m so sorry’ and he told me ‘Tony look I know you were drunk it’s that night’.

"I told him how I couldn’t remember a thing because people were feeding me drinks all night but to be fair I couldn’t remember anything because of adrenaline never mind getting drunk.

"If it was Donald Trump and I was in that state I would have blanked him."