Spotify and Sony's new partnership has officially launched the new Playstation Music app that will enable users to stream songs through their consoles while playing video games.

For Playstation 3 or 4 owners, Playstation Music is available from today, with Spotify at its centre, combining with gaming so that favourite albums and created playlists can be played over the top of in-game audio.

Until now, users had to use a separate source and, in many cases, a separate device.

The app is available for both free and premium Spotify account users, and even without a Spotify account, gamers can sign up directly from consoles.

The music streaming service has more than 60 million active users, with more than 15 million paying subscribers.

Gustav Soderstrom, chief product officer at Spotify, said: "Music has always been a big part of gaming.

"I remember playing computer games like Quake and Counter-Strike with my favourite tunes on in the background, taking the experience to a whole new level. With today's launch, we're bringing back that magic of gaming with music - all in a beautifully-designed and smooth experience that looks great on the big screen."

All the usual Spotify features will now appear on Playstation as part of the Music app, with the ability to search and create playlist as well as listen to those already put together by the service. This is then controllable in-game via a pop-up volume menu where users can tweak the balance between music and game audio.

Spotify's full 30 million-track catalogue is available via Playstation Music.

The Swedish music firm's Spotify Connect technology is part of the package. This enables other people in the room with access to the Spotify account to use their device as a remote, changing tracks and volume without disrupting gameplay.

This is a big step for both Sony and Spotify, with Playstation looking to maintain a lead over rival Microsoft and the Xbox One in the sales race.

Spotify also wants to stay ahead of the game as the number of streaming services and music listening options continues to grow. Apple is said to be working on its own behind the scenes ahead of a big debut this summer.

Playstation Music is now rolling out in 41 markets, and is free to download. As well as Playstation 3 and 4 owners, those with Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets will be able to download the new app.