A SCOTTISH performer is living her childhood dream as one of the stars of Disney on Ice.

Stacy Craik has been on the touring Disney on Ice show for the last three years and can't believe her luck after watching the skating extravaganza as a child.

Now 25, the talented skater can't wait to perform on the series' latest show Passport to Adventure when it comes to Glasgow's intu Braehead on September 22 to October 1.

"When I was younger, my mum used to take me to Disney on Ice every time the show came," enthused Stacy.

She continued: "I loved the stories and the characters. I just love everything about Disney."

Landing the dream role as one of the supporting cast on Disney on Ice happened to Stacy by chance.

While practicing on the ice ring, she got talking to a former dancer on the show who got her the audition of a lifetime.

And since impressing those behind the magical show, Stacy has travelled all over taking in the sights of South Africa and showcasing her talents to audiences in America's East coast.

She said: "I love the travelling. I am home for the summer for two weeks and then I am ready to go again."

She continued: "When I first joined I was apprehensive about being away from home but I have never met people who are so welcoming.

"There is people who don’t speak English who join and they just pick it up.

"Life on the road is amazing because everyone looks after each other like family."

As a show skater, Stacy can now relax and enjoy the fruits of her hard work. But as a youngster, learning to skate required a lot of commitment and determination. She spoke of all the hours of training she did with the help of her supportive mum Elaine.

She said: "I have skated since I was eight years old. I used to dance when I was younger then I wanted to try skating.

"I loved watching competitions like the Winter Olympics on TV and I just wanted to try it."

She added: "My mum took me along every morning and she would stand at the side of the ring. I started training in the old Stirling Ice Rink which is knocked down and then I moved to Edinburgh and Coatbridge area."

The busy skating schedule also had to fit in with Stacy's studies. The teacher fitted her life as a skater around being a student at Abertay University and later Glasgow University.

The Falkirk-born lass said: "I always competed when I was young and then I stopped competing during my exams.

"It was harder when I went to university before I joined the show. It was a case of not going out at the weekend and going back home so I could skate."

That dedication paid off with Stacy earning a degree in teaching and a career as a show skater.

With life on the road, however, she is currently a substitute primary teacher and her ambitions is to keep going with Disney on Ice until she can no longer skate.

She said: "I would love to work my way through Disney and try as many roles as I can.

"We have learned so much already and I am always open to new opportunities. Disney is where I want to be just now."

She continued: "I have finished my degree and if I ever get off the road I can always go back to teaching. If I can do this as long as I can, I will."

In the new show, Stacy will support some of Disney's biggest characters with magical choreography that is bound to wow the audience.

The petite star, who has her eye on playing Tinkerbell, however admits that the audiences reaction to Disney on Ice is one of the things which makes her job even more amazing than it is.

She said: "I love the Disney songs and seeing the kids' reactions when you are skating around in a show. It is also lovely when you see the wee kids dressed up."

She added: "I can't wait to perform in Glasgow again. The crowd is fun and really loud. I get more excited with a home crowd as there is loads more people I know.

"My parents are also coming to the Braehead show and I am so excited. It will be amazing this year."

Disney On Ice presents Passport to Adventure comes to intu Braehead, Glasgow on September 22 until October 1.

For tickets visit www.disneyonice.co.uk