A NEW heartfelt lesbian love story made for childrren opens at the Tron this Saturday.

At A Stretch is the newest work from Fringe First winning Edinburgh company Jordan & Skinner and is a non-verbal, very visual piece of physical theatre.

The show depicts archetypes and norms that are less represented in TV and films which are hugely important to children who are finding their way into their identities.

Evening Times:

Photo credit: Pixabay

In a year which sees the UK celebrating 50 years since The Sexual Offences Act 1967, which partially decriminalised homosexual acts, Jordan & Skinner stage this pioneering production at the Tron Theatre, bringing an LGBTQI+ lovestory to a children’s theatre audience of ages 6 years and older, presenting a lesbian relationship onstage in an accessible and meaningful way for young audiences.

The play revolves around M and E who live in a big city where life is fast-paced and whizzes by them every day. But when they accidentally bump into each other their worlds collide and tilt on their axis.

They are both aware that the other person is different, and the feelings are weird, but recognise something beyond their comprehension is keeping them together - magical connections seem to appear between them and won’t go away.

How do they continue their lives in the big city when there is this funny thing happening between them? How can they learn to live together when they can’t seem to be apart?

Evening Times:

At A Stretch was created by the award-winning Jordan & Skinner, a visual theatre company led by director Caitlin Skinner (Director for Village Pub Theatre, Lung Ha Theatre Company, A Play, A Pie and A Pint) and performer Melanie Jordan (Surge, Clown Cabaret).

The company aim to create playful, vivid visual theatre exploring questions of personal and political importance, At A Stretch is the company’s first work for young audiences.

It is a show without words which includes playful comedy making the most of the company’s distinctive non-verbal style, exciting choreography and breathtaking physical theatre.

This is a hilarious and poignant love story with plenty of adventure, danger and a thrilling soundtrack to engage younger and older audiences alike.

At A Stretch is on at the Tron Theatre on Saturday, September 23 at noon and 2.30pm. For more info an tickets, please visit www.tron.co.uk/event/at-a-stretch/