Jack and the Beanstalk at Motherwell Concert Hall

Reviewed by Jackie Brogan, her mum Patricia Smith, daughter Mia and friends Rachel and Ellie.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? Jack and the Beanstalk is the story of a young boy Jack, living with his widowed mother Dame Trott, his brother Billy and a dairy cow called Daisy on a dairy farm. The family owe taxes so they have to sell Daisy to get the money. On the way, Jack meets what he thinks is an old women who offers to buy Daisy for gold coins, enough to pay their debt so he sells, but is actually the villain Flesh Creep who plans to take Daisy to his master, for food. When he arrives home Jack realises that he has been given beans instead of money. In the meantime, the King, King McDafty, has to choose a local man to slain the giant and Jack is selected, and in return he asks for his daughter, Princess Rose's hand in marriage. Rose has also been taken by Flesh Creep and is being held in the giant's castle. Jack is guided along the way by the Fairy who creates a giant beanstalk for him to reach the castle. A battle commences and Jack is successful destroying the giant and rescues Rose for them to marry and live happily ever after.

ANY FAMOUS FACES?: No famous faces, but if you are a regular to the Motherwell panto scene Ian 'Sheepie' Smith is the star of the show. Each year he has the crowds in fits of laughter, the kids love him.

KIDS’ VERDICT: The girls loved it, they were up dancing and participating in the show.

GROWN-UPS’ VERDICT: The show was great, loads of funny jokes and cheesy ones that only adults would understand. The giant was great, the kids were impressed and wondered how they did it. As always some great songs, at one point the music didn't come on as expected and the crowd filled it. I say this every year, the show might not have the big budget that others do, but it is great fun for the whole family, a really good production. A great start to the festive season.

FUNNIEST BIT: Jack was singing the hit song Despacito when his brother Silly Billy came on stage and replaced the word with "In my speedos", wearing a pair of swimming trunks over his costume and carrying a bag of Doritos, it was hilarious. The girls on the way home kept singing the song with the new words in it!

SCARIEST BIT: No scary bits as such, some of the younger kids might be a bit scared of the giant and the loud music.