Alice In Weegieland, The Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

Reviewed by Brian Beacom and his 11 year-old friend James Ross.


A surreal take on the already surreal story that is Alice in Wonderland, but in this case Alice lands in Glasgow and has to contend with all sorts of, er, colourful characters.


Jo Freer, Darren Brownlie and Julie Wilson Nimmo are veterans of the panto circuit, Scott Fletcher currently shines in River City and Julie Wilson Nimmo was a TV favourite in Ballamory.


I thought that the panto was funny and really enjoyable. It had a good plot with lots of comical moments. My favourite character was the Mad Hatter (Jo Freer). She was funny and a really good addition to the second half. This was one of my favourite pantos that I've seen, and I've seen a lot of pantos. (At least three a year since the age of two).

GROWN UP VERDICT: Writer Johnny McKnight could have come unstuck here given the Alice story is essentially nonsense, but kept a strong through line, always underlining his central themes of love and friendship. As always, McKnight pitches lots of adult references to keep the big people happy alongside the sillier stuff for the less big. Could have done with a soft edit however. Some scenes overran.

FUNNIEST BIT: Jo Freer’s performance as the fast-talking, foot-shuffling Dora was captivating, a sitcom character screaming to be written up.

SCARIEST BIT: When the Queen of Hearts decides to do some head chopping.