Snow White and the Seven Muppets at the Eastwood Theatre, Giffnock

Reviewed by Laura Forsyth with Kirsty McGregor, Kimberly Kelly and Jacob McMillan, aged four.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: A modern twist on the classic tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves sees pop star wannabe Snow and the Muppet family for an all singing, all dancing family panto, with plenty of Glasgow banter.

The show is written and directed by Paul Harper-Swan from Insideout Theatre Productions, who has brought the panto to Eastwood Park for the fourth year in a row, following last year's success of A Belter of a Cinderella Story.

ANY FAMOUS FACES?: No famous faces but Evil Stepmother and 80s pop diva Spella, was played by Stephen Arden who appeared as Sir Robin in the UK tour of Spamalot.  Snow White was played by Charis Murray who won a full scholarship place at London’s oldest and best known stage school, Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts.  Greig Adam took on the part of Lady Marmite, one of the seven muppets, and has worked with Scottish Opera for the last two years.

KIDS’ VERDICT: Loved getting to join in with the dancing at the end and the silly costumes for the Evil Stepmother and Lady Marmite, who were pulling lots of really funny faces. We also got lots of sweeties thrown into the crowd.

GROWN-UPS’ VERDICT: Was absolutely hilarious throughout, there were plenty of times I was gutting myself laughing. The show was suitable for all ages; there were standard, puntastic dad-jokes while popular TV shows such as the X-Factor and RuPaul's Drag Race were referenced. And there were of course plenty of silly gags for the kids. I thought the modern twist they put on the poisoned apple and the popstar/music theme they had was very clever.

FUNNIEST BIT: The actors were so comical and full of energy, there was never a dull moment. Lady Marmite took a shine to poor Kenny who was sat near the front and he ended up getting bombarded with attention throughout the show, including being left with a big red lipstick stained smooch on his cheek. Try and avoid being near the front if you don't fancy the attention - Lady Marmite showed no mercy!

SCARIEST BIT:  When the Evil Stepmother cackled as Snow White downloaded the virus on the 'Apple' iPad and was poisoned. The kids were also scared when the Muppets were wandering through the woods in the dark and when the spooky ghosts appeared.

MARK OUT OF TEN: 10/10 - absolutely hilarious script and fantastic actors to pull it off.