Jack and the Beanstalk, SEC Armadillo, Glasgow.

Reviewed by Matthew Lindsay, his wife Nicola and their sons Adam, 10, and Sam, 7.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Jack’s girlfriend Princess Apricot is kidnapped from the village of Clydeside by evil Fleshcreep and taken to Cloudland where Giant Blunderbore is going to eat her for his supper. Jack – aided and abetted by his brother Gary, aunties Agnes and Sadie, The Dolls, the King and the Spirit of the Bean – set off to save her.

ANY FAMOUS FACES: Greg McHugh, AKA Gary Tank Commander, Louise McCarthy of Only and Excuse and Gayle Telfer Stevens of River City.

KIDS’ VERDICT: Adam liked the 3D segment in the second half of the show and the giant rat that chased Gary from Cloudland and Sam enjoyed Gary making his entrance in his toy tank.

GROWN-UP VERDICT: Superb. Great entertainment for young and old alike. Stunning sets and excellent performances from all of the cast members. Plenty of witty and often rather risqué one liners to keep the adults tickled.

FUNNIEST BIT: When Gary got four kids out of the audience up on stage to audition to be singers in Jack and Princess Apricot’s wedding in the penultimate scene. What is it they say about never working with animals and children? Hilarious.

SCARIEST BIT: When Jack, Gary, The Dolls and The Spirit of the Bean break into Giant Blunderbore’s castle and try to save Princess Apricot.