GLOW star James Drummond has said his new year resolution is to get the reality series on the TV.

The Hamilton roofer made the admission during The Evening Times Facebook live chat today.

He was joined by co-star Leanne Jeffrey ahead of the airing of the Christmas special of the hit series.

He said: “The amount of viewers we got on one series online just shows you the potential it has if it did go to TV.

“It’s been trial and error but I am sure we have shown enough that we are ready to go to TV.”

The show which is produced by GRTV is currently aired via a dedicated online website and app.

Season two will air next year but in the meantime fans can enjoy the one-off festive episode which will air tonight and show off iconic Glasgow venues such as The Barras.

James, 33, said: “There is more in this episode than what there has been in three. There is plenty of stuff.”

James, who previously starred as an extra in ITV series The Only Way is Essex, believes Glow is better than its reality rival.

He even hinted that there might be a crossover with his friends including TOWIE’s James Locke.

He said: “Of course it is better. We are Scottish and show them up big time.

“I have always cried out for years for a reality show to come to Glasgow. I have always wanted it.

“A while ago there was supposed to be The Only Way is Mearns but it was all rubbish.

“When this came about I was over the moon.”

The experience has equally been a positive one for mum and make-up artist Leanne.

She said: “The good outweigh the bad. No matter what you do, no matter how successful you ever are, you are going to get the negative people.

“You can let it affect you or you can think I will fly past you pal.

“No matter where it goes we can say we have had this experience.”

You can watch Glow Christmas special on tonight at 9pm.