THE man responsible for creating Glasgow’s first reality series Glow has said the best is yet to come.

Jamie Granger has opted to stay out of the spotlight after establishing the production firm GRTV to allow the city to have its first ever reality show.

Now in an exclusive interview with the Evening Times, Jamie has said he plans to keep the reality series going for as long as possible.

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The 28-year-old, from Mount Vernon, said: “I had my vision to promote Glasgow.

“Glow is going to keep going, I see more people coming in, and I just want to promote Glaswegians and their lives.”

Glow made its debut via a dedicated website and online app last October and featured the lives of Glasgow's glitterati.

The cast included Rangers star Maurice Edu's former flame Lauren McDonald and city nightclub owner Brian Matthews.

The cast of season one will team up for a special one-off broadcast via the Evening Times Facebook page which will air tonight at 8pm.

The one hour Glow Gossip will give fans a chance to see what has been happening with the cast since the Christmas special.

Tonight’s fan show, however, might have not been possible if it wasn’t for a determined Jamie who approached both STV and BBC with the idea over two years ago.

After the networks said no, Jamie decided to set up his own production firm.

He said: “I approached STV and BBC, and they weren’t interested.

“So I thought how can I do this myself? I used the thinking of basically YouTube videos.

“I thought there is nothing stopping us doing it that way, and the app and website was just created along with it.”

He added: “Everyone is so proud of me but at the start it was really difficult trying to talk everyone round.

“People were saying it wouldn’t work. I was told the TV networks aren’t doing it, what makes you think you can do it.

“I thought I need to try if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work but it is proving to work.”

Now networks are interested in taking the format to TV but the focus for Jamie is season 2 which will start filming on February 26 and air in March.

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Jamie said: “I am proud Glaswegian. I am proud of coming from here.

“You definitely need to watch Glow, there are only better things to come.”

Watch tonight’s live Facebook Glow Gossip at 8pm on

You can also catch-up with Glow season one and the Christmas special via the show's dedicated website on