THE creator of hit Scottish comedy Scot Squad has suggested that fans may be seeing it on stage in the future.

Creator and narrator Joe Hullait has hinted that the show could be follow in the footsteps of the likes of Still Game, Limmy’s Show, Burniston and Gary: Tank Commander by taking the show to a live audience.

Hullait has said he would be interested in trying out the show in a new format, following the success of cast members Grado and Jack Docherty’s solo performances at the King’s Theatre last year.

He explained: “The Chief's live show with Jack Docherty at The King's Last year proved that we can find a way to adapt the characters to a stage environment.

“In the world of Scot Squad The Chief is in a public facing position so his character would be used to doing speeches, being interviewed, and generally being in the limelight. That meant that conceptually, bringing him to life in front of an audience was relatively simple.

“Working out how to do the same with the rest of our cast would be an exciting challenge. They are always fun to be around and I welcome any chance to work with them.”

The creator has had requests from audiences who are keen to see the cast in the flesh.

“At the very least I'm sure we could pack out an auditorium with women who just want to stare at Jordan Young”, Hullait adds.

In recent years, many of the major Scottish comedy acts have made the transition to the stage, including Still Game which brings its second tour to the stage this weekend.

As the Scot Squad creator points out, Gary Tank Commander and Mrs Brown’s Boys, were popular onstage before coming to the screen.

He adds: “I'd love to be part of keeping that tradition going.

“All these shows have set the bar high. I think the cast would all rise to the challenge and build on their roles in a live environment.

“They all have a lot of experience performing live.”