ALLEGATIONS of an affair, a break-up and a make-up - and that is just episode one of season two of Glow which already has me hooked.

The production team GRTV really have amped up the look and feel of the show while the cast have offered even more drama than before.

A warning of ‘Parental Guidance Advised’ is flashed in the opening scene before cast members Paddy Reilly and Anton Danyluk talk about an argument which happened during a Facebook live feed which the Evening Times broadcast.

As someone who was present for that fight, it would appear having seen episode one, that relations between cast members have not improved.

On a positive note, however, there is even more fantastic shots of the city and the cast can be seen in locations such as the Glasgow Fort and Spiers Wharf.

Brian Matthews instantly provides the comedy for cast members with his new nickname, Jesus - he is sporting a beard in an attempt to boost his Lothario status.

While James provides plenty of laughs with his hilarious one-liners.

The girls are as glamorous as ever, the teeth are still whiter than white, no one is wearing socks and it appears Brian is still claiming her single.