It's a TV show that stirs up a shipping storm on social media every week before, during and after a new episode airs - not a bad effort for a fantasy programme almost at the end of its sixth year.

But this season may well be the last for Once Upon a Time.

The only thing fans know for certain is that a seventh season, if the show is indeed renewed, will be given a reboot. What that means is unclear and who will be returning to Storybrooke even more so.

The show airs on the ABC network in the US on a Sunday night and on Netflix in the UK on a Wednesday. 

The stellar cast includes Glasgow's own Robert Carlyle who has played the dual role of Mr Gold and Rumplestiltskin since the pilot episode in 2011 - but he's giving nothing away on his Twitter feed about the show's future. 

The star recently reprisd his iconic character, Francis “Franco” Begbie, who is the focus of Irvine Welsh’s 2016 book, The Blade Artist.

Speaking at the premiere of T2 Trainspotting in Edinburgh back in February, he said the sequel to the 1996 original Trainspotting film "might not be the last" that fans see of his character on screen.

He recently tweeted about his upcoming appearance at the Once Upon a Time Happy Endings convention which takes place in Paris on June 17 and 18 posting: "Did someone say Paris in the summertime?"

He'll be joined by co-stars Lana Parrillla, Emilie de Ravin, Rebecaa Mader, Sean Maguire, Karen David, Beverley Elliott and Robbie Kay.

Evening Times:

The rumour mill has also been on overdrive this week, with speculation mounting about departing cast members and possible season/series finale plotlines.

Ironic really when several cast members attended a fan convention in Vancouver last weekend.

What we know so far:

  • Cast members original series contracts expire with the current season
  • Reports on US media sites are saying that real-lfe married couple Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas aka Snow White and Prince Charming are leaving the show
  • Lana Parrilla who plays Regina Mills and the Evil Queen has removed Vancouver from her Twitter bio locations
  • Jennifer Morrison who plays Emma Swan has cancelled several upcoming convention appearances, including one at the Telford Fanzone in May - reportedly becasue she will be appearing in a play 

So - JUST FOR FUN - if this really is the end of Storybrooke as we know it, we want to know who your all time favourite couple on the show is.

Poll closes at midnight (GMT) on Monday, April 3.