THE makers of Glasgow's first reality show Glow have announced details of a new series they are planning to make. 

GRTV say they want to shine the spotlight on young entrepreneurs as part of a documentary series. 

Their plans comes on the back of other entrepreneurial shows including Dragon's Den and The Apprentice which have proven to be a big hit for TV networks.

The pitch for the show was posted on their social media channels and cements the production firm's ambitions to create more reality shows. 

In a statement GRTV said: "GRTV are looking for entrepreneurs, young and old, successful or still fighting, no matter what your business is or what stage you are at. If you are running a business we want to show how you got where you are, how your business currently operates, the struggles you had to overcome and where you plan for your business to be at your next few mile stones.

"If you would enjoy having one of our camera crews spend the day with you and your colleagues at your place of business to show viewers what your customers and clients may never have known about you and your brand. Get your story out."

GRTV say the documentary style series, which has no name, will feature a different business each week. 

GRTV founder Jamie Granger previously told The Evening Times that the production firm were working on two other shows with one expected to be released over the summer. 

The delivery of the new shows is likely to be via a dedicated website and app which has already proven to be successful for the production company's first hit Glow.

Season two of Glow is currently airing every Thursday at 9pm. 

You can watch Glow on or express your interest in starring in the new show by contacting the firm via