FORMER Come Dine With Me contestants from Glasgow have taken their love of food to the next level - by creating Scotland's first cheese club.

Cat Ure, and married couple Derek and Matt Beeson-Butcher, who are all 33, appeared together on the hit Channel 4 in 2015.

Derek and Matt went on to win the couples edition of the show but since then they have formed a strong friendship with Cat which has lead to the creation of Cheese Club Scotland.

Derek said: "It was quite natural that we all got on with each other. We are also friends with the other couple Gill and Mark.

"We could see the show trying to set up the bitchiness but we didn’t fall for it. We just kept going on and having a good time."

The group, which also includes Cat's partner Martin Langer, meet regularly and even have an anniversary dinner close to the date they filmed the show.

For these meet-ups, Cat has often gifted the couples with cheese and during a trip to Amsterdam, she kept messaging the boys with pictures and opinions of all the different cheeses she had been trying.

She said: "When I came back from Amsterdam, I said to my partner, 'Oh I would love to go to a cheese club'. He asked what I meant? I explained it is somewhere you could go to learn about cheese, and try new cheeses and just cheese.

"I Googled it and no such thing existed."

That random thought lead to a discussion with the boys and Cheese Club Scotland formed with the group's first meeting taking place at the Malmaison in Glasgow city centre on May 25.

The sold-out event will see the trio launch their foodie gathering by sharing their own personal favourite cheeses.

As the monthly meet-ups continue, the group plan to have themes including cheeses from France.

Derek said: "The response has been so positive since we launched on Facebook. The tickets for the first event sold out within 24 hours."

Matt added: "We can't actually believe there is nothing like this already established. There is loads of different clubs for loads of different things and yet there is nothing for cheese."

And its clear with their passions for cheese, the club is going to be a success.

Derek said: "What's not to love about cheese? I love what you can put with it and the different textures. I love pairing it with wines and port."

Matt added: "There is just so much variety out there."

Cat beamed: "It is the ultimate snack. You can have it any time of day."

Down the line, the club has ambitions to create their own cheese and one variety they are eyeing up is Buckfast.

Derek said: "The Buckfast cheese is something that would definitely work in Glasgow. Watch this space."

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