HOLLYWOOD actor Wesley Snipes has responded to a number of tweets calling for him to make a cameo on the hit BBC series Scot Squad.

The show's creator Joe Hullait, who began filming season four today, joked on the social media website Twitter that the BBC had turned down his request to increase the Scot Squad budget to hire Snipes, who is famed for the Blade film trilogy. 

He joked: "Sadly The BBC have turned down our request to increase Scot squad budget so we can hire Wesley Snipes to be Officer Karen's vampire desk partner."

Fans of the show then debated the idea including the actor's official Twitter handle in their replies.

The buzz around the idea eventually forced Snipes to reply.

His reply, however, was to point out that a link which was sent during one of the conversations was in fact for a fake Facebook account for the star. He said: "Sorry. That's not my Facebook."

Snipes then tweeted his official Facebook account details. 

The show's creator could not believe his luck in the response and later told fans he couldn't believe Snipes had responded.

Meanwhile, season four of the hit show started filming today.

The show focuses on a fictional Scottish police force and pokes fun at cop documentaries such as Road Wars and Police Interceptors.

Other BBC shows have attracted big Hollywood names for cameo roles including The Vicar of Dibley which featured Johnny Depp.