THE producer of Glow has promised fans the reality series will continue amid claims it has been axed.

Jamie Granger admitted that season two of the show, which is the city's answer to The Only Way is Essex had suffered from low ratings, which had given production company GRTV no choice but to postpone season three.

It comes after reports that GRTV were unwilling to waste cash filming more episodes despite previously claiming the series raked in 400,000 viewers.

Evening Times:

Glow was launched in 2016 and offered reality fans a taste of Glasgow life through the eyes of cast members including Rangers star Maurice Edu's former flame Lauren McDonald and lothario Brian Matthews, above.

Evening Times:

Popular cast member James English, above, who is now a comedian, quit the show and has gone on to be the star of a documentary which aims to show the plight of the city's rough sleepers. He also was thrown into the spotlight through a brief relationship with ex-Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona.

With no TV network backing, the show streamed on a purpose built website every Thursday but there has been no sign of a season three despite promises from GRTV that it would air last year.

Jamie, who is the founder of GRTV, said: "Glow is not and will not be cancelled.

"Glasgow's reality series suffered from low viewing figures towards the back end of season two, this unfortunately gave us no choice but to postpone a third season, allowing some time to settle before relaunching the programme with plenty of fresh new faces, fresh ideas and hopefully a more entertaining Glow Glasgow can be proud of."

He added: "So dry your eye, the show will go on.

"Glow may be on ice at the minute but keep your eyes on us, as GRTV productions have some very exciting news we will be able to announce in the next couple of weeks."

The Evening Times also revealed that GRTV were planning to launch more programmes via their website and app.

But the production network have failed to deliver the programmes last year.