SCOTTISH TV presenter Kaye Adams has admitted she did not hit it off with one of her Loose Women co-stars when she first met them, labelling them a 'drama queen'.

Kaye, who appears as a panellist on the popular ITV lunchtime show, has revealed that she did not take to actress Nadia Sawalha immediately during a first meeting, although the pair are now good friends.

Nadia said she thought the Scot was ‘up herself’ while Kaye felt the former Eastenders actress was a ‘drama queen’.

Kaye told The Scottish Sun: "Nadia had rings on her toes which had the warning bells ringing for me.”

Nadia added: “Kaye had swishy, glossy hair and I’ve got this matted mess. I just didn’t believe there was any way we would get on.”

Nadia, who first met Kaye in 1999 during an audition, explained their differences: "“I was a bit of a wild party chick actress at the time and suddenly I’m meeting this super-smart journalist with proper shoes on while I was wearing flip flops.

“I was really hoping we’d never see each other again.”

Nadia, 52, also admitted that she even turned down a job because she felt intimidated by the Scot who graduated in economics and politics from Edinburgh University.

She said: “We were both offered the job but I said no. I really thought I couldn’t do it if I was on with ‘that woman’ because Kaye was so clever.

“I didn’t believe there was any way we would get on.

“The editor at the time said ‘you’ve both got something together’. I thought the editor was mad.

“But she was right because as soon as we started working together we realised we laughed at the same things.”

Kaye, 55, added: “The funny thing was we immediately got on when we were in the studio together.”